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Fabrik der Zukunft

Data-based processes for the creation and formulation of production data for complex industrial plants.

Development and evaluation of a process to automatically create models from existing production data of industrial plants. These models can be used to optimize the production process and plant equipment (scrap, quality, use of raw materials and energy) or to detect and predict faults.

Fabrik der Zukunft

De-lacquering as a service

Development of the service of de-lacquering in industrial plants on the basis of pulsed high pressure water with a new, energy efficient high pressure pump. Further possible applications will be searched for and evaluated.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

DeB-AT – Detection and separation of portable batteries from mixed waste using sensor technology and artificial intelligence

The DeB-AT project plans the development of a laboratory or pilot plant demonstrator for the targeted separation of batteries from mixed waste streams. The concept of the demonstrator follows the methodological elaboration of the necessary requirements of optical sensors and the separation technology for AI-supported detection of the general population of batteries.

Stadt der Zukunft

DeLight Monitoring - Demo light Impact-Monitoring and metrological investigation of energy-efficient buildings

The Project consists of the metrological examination of eleven innovative buildings in terms of energy consumption and user comfort. In addition, building constructors and operators as well as the public are sensitized to the subject of energy-related optimization of building operation. Also, the potentials of energy-related optimization of building operation are shown.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

Decarbonization of Cities and Communities (Cities TCP)

The Cities TCP is a joint international effort that aims to accelerate the decarbonization in cities by providing a communication platform for relevant expertise of all IEA bodies to the local scale including cities, financing institutions, utilities, service providers and building constructors. Vice-versa, the platform generates evidence-based research questions of cities needs for IEA TCPs.

Haus der Zukunft

Demonstration building of the eco²building system: First passive house prefabricated wood building system for commercial and industrial buildings

The EU funded "eco2building" construction system in a timber-frame based modular design represents a systematic approach for energy efficient commercial and industrial buildings. The object of the eco²building demonstration project - the logistics centre in passive-house quality for "Eine Welt Handel AG" - in Niklasdorf was to optimize the planning and construction processes and prepare for the market launch of the eco²building construction system. Accompanying research monitored and disseminated the experience.

Haus der Zukunft

Demonstration project LifeCycle Tower - batch-produced energy efficient timber/hybrid high-rise building system

The energy efficient building concept shall be tested with regard to its functional efficiency and real usage conditions. The demonstration project is based upon the results of previous research activities and shall be presented to a wider public. It shall illustrate the advantages of a batch-produced timber/hybrid high-rise building system which offers high quality of energy and resource efficiency.

Haus der Zukunft

Demoobject energy-autarkic solarplant

Within the project at hand a production plant with store house and offices had been constructed. It serves as a reality testing field for long-term measurement of components and systems developed in previous projects. It serves for the demonstration of innovative energy systems and components for the interested public and for experts.

Energiesysteme der Zukunft

Design of pumped storage schemes

Development of a new surge tank system for pumped storage schemes (PSS) for the governing of the changing requirements in electricity networks due to integration of renewable, volatile energy sources.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Developing and implementing product-service-systems in the IT-sector

Developing and implementing product-service-systems in the IT-sector. Bringing the idea of sustainable IT-solutions for enterprises towards marketable models.

Energiesysteme der Zukunft

Developing of a application for central visualisation of the energy and resource demand in a private household "ZENVIS"

The main focus of the research project ZENVIS is set on the analysis of the benefits provided by a "visualization device", which gathers the readings of energy and resource consumption (electricity, gas, water, heat energy and fuel consumption). This device ought to find its use in households and to allow the consumer to observe and to control his energy consumption.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Development and evaluation of criteria and methods for the qualitity assurance of thermally treated hardwood

The goal of this project is the devepolment and evaluation of criteria and measurement methods for the quality assurance of thermally treated hardwood. They are to be implemented directly into the production process of Thermowood to increase the resource efficiency and the customer acceptance.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Development and optimization of a parabolic trough solar collector for generation of process heat for industrial processes

Development and optimization of a parabolic trough solar collector for generation of process heat for industrial processes. The operating performance and optimization possibilities of a prototype were evaluated and an improved prototype was tested with respect to its efficiency characteristics as well as in a small-scale application with a realistic load profile.

Haus der Zukunft

Development of a "Light Well" for daylight transparent, highly energy-efficient, multi-story buildings

Daylight supply of multi-story buildings with the help of rooflight openings. Reflecting vertical ducts transport light down to the lower­most floor. The idea promises new building structures with daylight transparency and high energy-efficiency that have a minimal demand of artificial light and cooling at optimal comfort.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Development of a Cost-Benefit-Tool: costs and benefits of energy efficient and ecologic buildings

Development of a cost-benefit-tool which reaches beyond a pure cost approach and also recognizes the benefits of a building for its inhabitants and users. The inclusion of benefits is based on existing evaluation systems, especially on the Austrian building evaluation system TQB - Total Quality Building, which has been revised in 2009.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Development of a GIS-Onlineplatform for the forestry

Development of a GIS-Onlineplatform for the forestry which enables its users to carry out all necessary tasks online: the complete data of forest work can be viewed, changed and newly calculated at any time, including the ability to control machine-use more efficiently right at the beginning of use.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Development of a Performance- and Risk-Management-Concept for Sustainable Supply Chain Networks

The target of this project is to develop a specific performance and risk-management concept for companies in sustainable supply chain networks. By using this concept the involved companies will be able to reduce various risks and have more success with sustainable development.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Development of a comprehensive procedure within the design of high-speed-cutting processes in consideration of environmental protection and occupational health aspects

In the metal working industry high-speed-cutting (HSC) in connection with minimal quantity cooling-lubrication promises a high potential for saving process materials. On the one hand costs of purchase and disposal of metal working fluids (MWF) decrease, on the other hand the reduction of dermal diseases and emissions of MWF-dusts are expected.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Development of a continuous hydrogen-carbon nanofibers production line

With the development of a hydrogen-carbon nanofiber production in a continuous process carbon nanofibers can be produced in an economic way and at the same time access to environmentally friendly hydrogen is enabled.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Development of a holistic valuation of enterprise-activities for sustainability and field test in leading industrial companies - InaBe

The development of a holistic model comprising method and instrument to evaluate ac-tivities from companies in context with sustainable development by integrating objective and subjective view.