Renewable sources of energy

When it comes to utilizing renewable sources of energy, Austria is among the front-runners in Europe. The aim is to meet 34 % of end-use energy consumption by means of renewables by 2020. Even today roughly two-thirds of Austria's electricity consumption is met by renewables.

Research and development

Along with making greater use of renewable sources of energy, a wide range of activities in the field of research and technological development is under way. Austria's energy research strategy is being revised in the dialogue process "Energiezukunft 2050" ("Energy Future 2050"), launched in 2016; technologies involving renewables and energy storage will be central elements here.

Important overlaps with this research issue are to be found in the research programme "City of Tomorrow", the Climate & Energy Fund's energy research programmes, and international collaboration within the framework of IEA Forschungskooperation.


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