Energy-efficient buildings

The building sector plays a central part in lowering fossil energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions. In its energy data for 2015 Statistik Austria indicates that space heating and air-conditioning account for 27.8 % of end-use energy consumption. In addition, energy is also needed for construction materials, producing and transporting these, and also for lighting, electrical appliances and hot water.

In 1999 BMK (formerly BMVIT) launched the "Building of Tomorrow" research and technology programme – a major step toward planning and realizing innovative residential and office buildings on the basis of comprehensive research findings. Solar low-energy building designs, the passive-house approach, and employing ecological and renewable raw materials in the building sector were vital elements here.

Since 2013 pioneering technologies and services for buildings and urban energy systems, for residential areas, neighbourhoods and/or entire cities in the context of their environs are targeted in the "City of Tomorrow" research programme.


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