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Linking Low Carbon Technologies with Low Carbon Society

The project „Linking Low Carbon Technologies with Low Carbon Society“ was conducted on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. In the course of the project a number of recent empirical studies on rebound effects were analysed. Based on this comprehensive analysis an overview of strategies for rebound management was compiled and policy recommendations for the technology sector were developed.

Technology and Innovation Roadmap "BioHeating and Cooling"

The Roadmap links with the energy research strategy of the Austrian Council for Research. It was developped together with national stakeholders from industry to deduct recommendations for policy makers. It includes clear suggestions for research topics until 2020 and provides an outlook on the contribution of biomass to the heating sector of a decarbonised energy system in 2050.

Solar energy - a significant economic factor

Major goals of this study were determination of the number of jobs provided in the thermal solar energy sector, the added economic value created in this sector and the predicted effects of achieving the goals, in order to better evaluate the economic significance of the use of thermal solar energy.

IEA-SHC Task39 Newsletter No.14 - May 2014

Publisher: IEA-SHC Task39
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Technology Roadmap: Solar Heating and Cooling

Publisher: International Energy Agency
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IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Newsletter #34 (September 2013): Norway

Diese Ausgabe des Newsletters beinhaltet neben Neuigkeiten aus der Task, interessanten Berichten, Veranstaltungen und News, einen Schwerpunktsartikel über die Entwicklungen im Biotreibstoffbereich in Norwegen.
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Report "Status overview of torrefaction technologies - update 2015"

Publisher: IEA Bioenergie Task 32
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How much Energy Efficiency can Energy Contracting deliver to the Residential Sector in Germany? (2009)

Transaction and Life Cycle Cost Analyses, Market Survey and Statistical Potential - IAEE09 abstract

IEA Bioenergy Executive Summary (2009)

This publication is the Excutive Summary of a report jointly prepared for IEA Bioenergy by the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), E4tech, Chalmers University of Technology and the Copernicus Institute of the University of Utrecht.

Series 28/2014

Research and Innovation for Heating and Cooling with Renewable Energy Sources

position paper related to biomass, geothermal energy, solar thermal energy and heat pumps in order to support persons responsible for Austrian energy research programs to define main research and innovation topics for renewable heating and cooling within these programs

Bioenergy - The Impact of Indirect Land Use Change (2010)

Summary and Conclusions from the IEA Bioenergy ExCo63 Workshop

Integrated Energy Contracting (IEC) (2009)

A new ESCo Model to Combine Energy Efficiency and (Renewable) Supply in large Buildings and Industry - Discussion Paper

Design Guidelines - Solar Space Heating of Factory Buildings With Underfloor Heating Systems (Jaehnig/Weiss 2008)

The energy required for the space heating of factory buildings and warehouses can be a major percentageof the energy consumption of a company. While in some cases, waste heat from other processesin the company is available and is the most cost effective way to heat a factory building, aninteresting option is to use solar energy to cover the heat demand of an industrial building.

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