Shaping the energy transition

Women point the way in research and the energy industry
energy innovation austria 2/2024

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

Equal opportunities and diversity in research and business have been shown to result in more innovation and represent important levers in driving forward the energy transition and climate neutrality by 2040. Experts such as Sonja Wogrin, who is shaping the energy system of the future with her team at Graz University of Technology, show the highly successful role that women are playing in scientific and technical professions in designing a sustainable future of energy.

Content overview

  • Topic: More innovation thanks to equal opportunities
    Women as stakeholders in the energy transformation
  • Initiatives: Promoting women in energy sector
    Strategies and proposalss
  • Female power for the energy transition at Austria's largest power plant
    Michaela Killian, Wien Energie
  • Modelling the energy system of the future
    Sonja Wogrin, ENERGETIC Research Center at Graz University of Technology
  • On the path towards climate-neutral industry
    Irmela Kofler, K1-MET
  • 360° solutions for the energy transition
    Christina Maria Huber, neoom
  • Heat pump technology for industrial processes
    Veronika Wilk, Austrian Institute of Technology