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Haus der Zukunft

Sunny research! Sustainable building design with high energy performance for a modern commercial building

Commercial buildings of basic to medium standard are hardly ever designed by a high quality of innovative building services engineering. In the project Sunny research! a sustainable building design with high energy performance was developed. The aim was to adapt the aspects of Renewable Energy, thermal comfort and wellness in work.

Haus der Zukunft

Facilitated decision-making procedures for sustainable refurbishment of residential properties

Participation in the refurbishment process: Monitoring of concrete refurbishment projects and development of guidelines to optimise the planning, information and decision-making processes in the course of the refurbishment of residential properties

Haus der Zukunft

Practicable and passive house capable renovation systems for roof and wall units using high-performance thermal insulation

Renovation of a semidetached house using vacuum insulation panel in area of wall, roof and terrace. The very first time the mechanical mounting systems from VIP is used for special applications in the renovation of facades.

Haus der Zukunft

Innovative moth-protection system for sheepwool insulation

This project developed a novel "bio-pesticide"-formula by screening plant extracts and minerals for their strong repellant activity in order to protect sheepwool insulation from cloth moth infestation. It was investigated and examined by state-of-the-art-technology that the anti-moth-mixture extracted from plants and minerals, acts as a valid alternative to existing pest control agents.

Haus der Zukunft

Intelligent and green? User centred scenarios for information technology use in sustainable buildings

The project asked for the contribution of information technology use to the environmental performance of buildings - in terms of the vision of designers, practical use in existing projects and expectations of potential users.

Haus der Zukunft

Sprayed-on and Plaster-covered Cellulose-insulation without vapour barrier

Investigations on the fundamental suitability of sprayed-on and plaster-covered cellulose insulation for thermal insulation of buildings.

Haus der Zukunft

Transfer initiative - The future belongs to the passive house

Developing the passive house standard from pilot projects to a common standard in housing projects with an optimum of comfort. Comprehensive transfer initiative of the passive house standard by fairs, exhibitions and lobbying activities in communities.

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Integrated ecological and energy-oriented refurbishment of service buildings - development of quality criteria and tools within a pilot project (LCC-ECO)

Formulation of a procedure for the general refurbishment of service buildings and development of guidelines to support building owners and facility-managers in each stage of the refurbishment process in order to reach an integrated ecological and energy-oriented refurbishment.

Haus der Zukunft

WOP - Restoration of residential buildings in passive house quality, Linz, Austria

Pilot scheme for the restoration of the multi-storey residential buildings to a low energy building while people keep living in their flats with energy efficient, ecological and economical criteria.

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ÖkoInform - Platform for Exchange of Information in Green Building

A platform for the exchange of information to promote the better integration of ecological materials and renewable resources in the research programme "Building of Tomorrow"

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What is so beautiful about the own home - a life-style concept of housing

Motives behind the wish of living in a certain way - here, especially in a detached house - explained through a life-style concept

Haus der Zukunft

Development and application of an consultancy model to promote sustainable building design

Development of an consultancy model to promote ecologic and economic sustainable building solutions within the planning process. Analysis of the efficiency of guided (integral) meetings with architects, planners, and experts for different items.

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Acceptance and improvement of low-energy-house components as a mutual learning process for users and producers

A social scientific investigation of acceptance and dissemination strategies for controlled ventilation systems with waste heat recovery and a joint heating system in low energy and passive houses.

Haus der Zukunft

Ways and means to increase the construction-volume by 500%, by means of standardised thermal restoration of old houses.

Development of practise-fit methods for intensification and rationalisation of processes in the field of restoration of one-and two-family houses built between 1945 and 1982 in Austria.

Haus der Zukunft

Inter-linked design as a strategy towards sustainable buildings - removing deficiencies of learning and of diffusion

The aim is to investigate the role of inter-linked design team organisation in the design of sustainable buildings and to formulate ready-to-use recommendations and guidelines for dissemination.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

"1000 Passivehouses in Austria" - Passive house object databank

The first joint project of the four IG passive house organisations on behalf of the programme line "Building of Tomorrow" - an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology - for the purpose of setting up a detailed network documentation of 80% of all passive houses in Austria.

Haus der Zukunft

The very first reconstruction in Austria of a one-unit house to passive house standard (Model project in Pettenbach/Upper Austria)

The main objective is the unprecedented reconstruction of older one-unit buildings to the standards of passive houses. The reconstruction estates are of the numerous older one-unit houses in Austria. The reconstruction will considerably enhance the convenience of living quarters in the old houses.

Haus der Zukunft

e3building - ecology, economy, efficiency: An International Network for the Entire Building Industry

Embedded in the EUREKA initiative PREPARE e3building serves as a network for the know-how exchange between building and construction industry, researchers and the funding programme on a national as well as an international level.

Haus der Zukunft - Network for increased use of Photovoltaics in buildings

IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS) - Co-ordination, perception of the functions and spreading of the results of this international solar network