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Architecturally Diverse, Energetic Renewal

Post War Modernist Buildings Under Monument Protection. A Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficient Renewal Case study: Open Air School Franklinstrasse, Wien 21

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Cooperative Refurbishment

Models for participation of owners and tenants in ecological refurbishment of multi floor buildings

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old house? old house!

The renovation and restructuring of existing housing stock using modern, ecologically efficient building technology as a means for developing Assisted Living Centres for senior citizens within an urban context

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Existing building reconstruction and implementation of passive house components

Implementation of passive house components, systems and techniques into the practice of existing building reconstruction, in order to reduce the energy consumption as much as possible and to increase the living quality substantially. Craftspeople and planners, who are specialized in building renovation, should gain access to passive house know-how.

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Subjective housing quality as social acceptance test of sustainability

Post occupancy evaluation with residents of four low energy building projects and four conventional residential buildings in the city of Salzburg. (A co-operative project with the Workers Chamber of Salzburg and provincial research into residential building).

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Comfort for sustainability

Research project on comfort and on the health and recreational value of passive houses

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Information point for renewable and ecological materials (II) internet platform, information and service offer and transfer event "Building of Tomorrow"

Establishment of www.nawaro.comas the central platform for building materials made of renewable resources will be realised with the help of the enlargement of the internet database and extensive service and information offer consisting of stake holder support, events, PR and transfer for "House of Tomorrow.

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Binderfree Cellulose Compounds

Optimisation of weatherproof-performance (UV-protection and water-tightness) of binderfree cellulose compounds (incl. life cycle optimisation)

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Specification for biomass heating systems for buildings with low energy demand

The aim of this project was to develop specifications for biomass heating systems for buildings with a low energy demand. The focus was on multi-family residential buildings and office buildings.

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RTI strategy for the bio-based industries in Austria

Sustainable industrial concepts will assume a key role in the future. At the European level, the development of bio-based industries and the use of bio-based products will be promoted.

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Smart Grids Week Salzburg 09

Distributed Generation and Smart Grids - A Roadmap for Austria English, 48 pages

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National Smart Grids R&D Initiatives in Europe

Results of the 1st Smart Grids ERA-Net Workshop on 3th March, 2010

Energie 2050

Energy R&D: Public Expenditure in Austria 2010

Membership of the International Energy Agency (IEA) obligates Austria to report on an annual basis all publicly financed energy research and development projects. This survey fulfils not only international requirements but also shows the importance of energy research in Austria and helps to set and test policy goals as well as to recognize respective trends at an early stage. English

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Innovative Energy Technologies in Austria Market Development 2014

The market development of the examined technologies was restrained or marked by decreasing figures in 2014. An exception was the area of wind power. The use of solid biogenous fuels was reduced in 2014 due to an exceptionally mild heating period. The sum of the heating degrees for 2014 war 21 % less than the longtime average. English

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Smart Grids Projects in Austrian R&D Programmes 2003-2010

This publication presents results of projects within the subject area "Smart Grids" in Austrian R&D Programmes 2003-2010. The participating research institutes and companies have achieved many remarkable and internationally acknowledged results.

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Materials Roadmap Austria

Elements for the discussion for Technology Platforms, R&D Programs and decision makers in R&D Policy

Energie 2050

Energy R&D Survey 2014: Public expenditure in Austria

In 2014, Austria's public expenditures for energy-related research and development amounted to 143,1 Mio. Euro, increasing the expenditures of 2013 by 14.9%. The research areas of energy efficiency, smart grids and storage and renewables define the priorities of the publicly financed energy research within Austria. English

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Design Guidelines - Solar Space Heating of Factory Buildings

This booklet presents a method to design solar thermal systems for space heating of factory buildings using underfloor heating systems.