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Information-point for renewable and environmental/ecological materials

An internet platform with full information and detailed data about building materials made of renewable resources, which serves as the central information-point for different stake holders - from private house builders over architects and master-builders to experts in the field of building laws and regulations.

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Information-point for renewable and environmental/ecological materials

The Information-point for renewable materials is an internet platform with full information and detailed data about building materials made of renewable resources, which serves as the central information-point for architects, planners, public and private master builders, as well as planning commissions.

Main goal of the project is it to provide an effective tool to support the integration of renewable resources into planning and realization of modern buildings, to overcome numerous hindering aspects, and to support positive developments (see also our study ‘Renewable Resources in the Building Sector').

The expected results of this project are on the one hand the dissemination of the technical benefits of renewable resources and ecological materials (including the results of the "Haus der Zukunft"-projects) and on the other hand the development of a reliable information base and organisational structure.

The information-point can be accessed on the address This website offers extensive information which is structured according to the specific needs of the stake holders and categorised as follows:


The link Info gives information on general aspects of renewable resources, their use in the building sector and an update area in which the current newsletter, recently registered products, as well as companies, up-to-date product developments, R&D results, the latest questions in the discussion forum and the next events are displayed. Every topic contains a link to the corresponding menu item.


Best Practice Constructions are shown, described and assessed according to physical structure and ecological criteria.


This item provides an internet database which contains approx. 350 products, allocated in 10 product categories, such as surface treatment, acoustic and thermal insulation or ready made interior systems. These are currently updated in collaboration with the producers.


The Service link offers user information in download format, containing a register of persons and companies and the raw material stock exchange. This section features equally communication and information possibilities, such as links, discussion forums and a newsletter.


Any questions can be sent directly to the webmaster by clicking on the Contact link.

My Information-Point

The link My Infoknoten allows producers, traders and users to register online where they have access to the maintenance and update of their data and products. With the use of a template system products can be easily and quickly updated by each registered producer, trader and craftsman. offers all stakeholders in the building sector access to information about sustainable building with renewable resources. The quality of this information service will be monitored and improved continuously by several feed back events to achieve a maximum dissemination.

Project Partners

Project manager

Dr. Robert Wimmer
GrAT, Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien

Further project or cooperation partners

  • IBO Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und Ökologie
  • Global 2000

Contact address

GrAT - Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien
Dr. Robert Wimmer
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 1040 Wien
Tel. + 43 1 58801 49523, Fax + 43 1 58801 49533

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