Information point for renewable and ecological materials (II) online information plus service offer

Development and maintainance of the internet platform for building materials made of renewable resources at, which serves the central information-point for important stake holders - private house builders, architects, master-builders and experts in the field of building laws.

Content Description




The main focus of the project was:

  • Transparent demonstration of current activities of different straw building initiatives / important players in straw building sector
  • Adjustment of new initiatives and corporate engineering
  • Initiation and support of straw bale building cooperations

The goal was to improve the coordination of different target groups at the straw bale building community in Austria and to maximise synergy. Another goal was reached through the "trade-off workshop" (Abstimmungsworkshop), the practical workshop and through the S-FEST (

Trade-off workshop for experts

The workshop took place at 19th September 2006. Participants were able to get information about the state-of-the-art in the straw bale community and to exchange experiences. Also aims and measures for the dissemination of building with straw bales were set up.

The planning and executive people were convinced by the high functionality of straw bales as insulation material. They accentuate the need for awareness raising through which specific information can be spread. Therefore specialized platform homepages, such as, will enlarge their scope to disseminate information about straw bale building.

Practical workshop

To communicate basic skills and advantages of straw bale buildings, GrAT hosted a practical workshop on 15th September 2006 at the S-HOUSE. Participants experienced the theoretical background of different building methods, the quality control and other characteristics of straw bales.


At 16th September, from 10 - 19 the S-FEST was held.

Guests could visit the S-HOUSE and get information about sustainable building, renewable materials, straw bale building and more.

A country market, picnic opportunities, straw bale adventures for children and an architectural exhibition entertained the guests.

GrAT has successfully brought a great number of people into the awareness of sustainable building and contributed to the social and educational communication of environmental issues of today.

Project Partners

Project management

Dr. Robert Wimmer
GrAT, Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien

Project collaborator:

DI Hannes Hohensinner, GrAT
Mag. (FH) Tobias Tengler, GrAT
Rudolf Bintinger, GrAT
Alma Becic, GrAT

Project or cooperation partner

  • IBO Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und Ökologie
    DI Thomas Zelger, Dr. Bernhard Lipp
    Alserbachstraße 5/11, 1090 Wien
    Tel. + 43 1 319 20 05 -0, Fax + 43 1 319 20 05
    Internet:; E-Mail:
  • Wohnnet Service GmbH
    Mag. Johannes Heimhilcher
    Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel 67/5, 1220 Wien
    Tel. + 43 1 25 254 420, Fax + 43 1 25 254 300
    Internet:, E-Mail:
  • Umweltberatung Niederösterreich Mostviertel
    Friedrich Heigl
    Am Graben 40a, 3300 Amstetten
    Tel. + 43 7472 61486, Fax: + 43 7472 61486 -620
    Internet:, E-Mail:
  • Assist communication
    Mag. Andrea Mittermair
    Peter-Jordan-Straße 62/3
    1190 Wien

Contact adress

GrAT - Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien
Dr. Robert Wimmer
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 1040 Wien
Tel. + 43 1 58801 49523, Fax + 43 1 58801 49533