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Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Architecturally Diverse, Energetic Renewal

Post War Modernist Buildings Under Monument Protection. A Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficient Renewal Case study: Open Air School Franklinstrasse, Wien 21

Haus der Zukunft

Cooperative Refurbishment

Models for participation of owners and tenants in ecological refurbishment of multi floor buildings

Haus der Zukunft

old house? old house!

The renovation and restructuring of existing housing stock using modern, ecologically efficient building technology as a means for developing Assisted Living Centres for senior citizens within an urban context

Fabrik der Zukunft

RTI strategy for the bio-based industries in Austria

Sustainable industrial concepts will assume a key role in the future. At the European level, the development of bio-based industries and the use of bio-based products will be promoted.