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REVITALISING with S.A.M. - Synergy Activation Modules

Case study for the development of modules that allow for the revitalisation of existing structures without interruption of utilization (two studies, one realisation).

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Solar cooling machine with a cooling power of 2 kW

Development and building of a prototype of a coolingmachine with a cooling power of 2 kW, tests and optimizing on a test facility, connection to a solar unit and utilization for air conditioning.

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Technical status of ventilation systems for buildings

Evaluation of existing ventilation systems in Austria considering technical quality and practicability.

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Smart Grids Week Salzburg 09

Distributed Generation and Smart Grids - A Roadmap for Austria English, 48 Seiten

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Sanierung PRO!

The goal of the project is the development of a guideline, which supports builders and planners or consultants in the organization and monitoring of inhabitant integration into the reorganization processes of multi-storey housing.

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The ecology and economy of housing. An assessment system for the evaluation of the suitability of buildings and housing estates for the future.

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home dreams

Listening to the inhabitants of innovative buildings and using their satisfactory and unsatisfactory experiences as the basis for drawing up practice based criteria and recommendations for a quality, user-orientated building policy. The target groups are funding bodies, building contractors and town planners.

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Project b1

Use of vacuum insulation paneels in the building construction

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Experiences and attitudes of users as a basis for the development of sustainable housing concepts with high social acceptance

The aim of this project was to a) analyse current experiences of users of ecologically innovative residential buildings ("passive houses", solar houses, etc.) in Austria, b) to evaluate innovative housing concepts in focus groups, and c) to create a model for the continuous participation of users in the innovation process.

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Passive cooling concepts for office and administrative buildings using earth-to-air and earth-to-fluid heat exchangers

Analysis of existing passive cooling concepts, examination of various other passive cooling concepts and a comparison with conventional air conditioning systems. The elaboration of practice-oriented tools for the planning and implementation of the passive cooling concepts selected.

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Practice Guide for Sustainable Building Sanitation and Modernisation within Construction Intents

A checklist considering priority, construction progress and actors is elaborated to serve a future-oriented selection of materials, energy carriers, design and construction within building sanitation, under a deliberate consideration of the involved actors from the construction branch

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Information-point for renewable and environmental/ecological materials

An internet platform with full information and detailed data about building materials made of renewable resources, which serves as the central information-point for different stake holders - from private house builders over architects and master-builders to experts in the field of building laws and regulations.

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Rebuilding of the organic farm Achleitner, straw & clay - room climatisation with plants

Rebuilding of a marketing-, store- and processingcenter with an organic freshmart and an organic restaurant in passivhouse quality. Application of regional building materials, an innovatve overall energyconcept, climatisation with plants.

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Hygrothermal behaviour of double-skin facades in solar irradiation - theory evaluation by means of on-location measurements

Detailed clarification of the base parameters of thermodynamic simulation calculations by means of on-location measurements on the five-storey double-skin facade of the Federal Institute of Social Education in Baden bei Wien

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Results of the latest research about thermal use of solar energy in multi-storey housing, prepared for builders and planners

The relevant Know-How in the fields of "sustainable building and energy supply" will be gathered. The information will be transferred to the relevant target groups (building promoters, architects, planners, customers). This will be done during workshops, planning assistance and a catalogue of quality criteria. The focus lies on solar thermal systems for multiple-family houses.

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OPTISOL - Demonstration objects accompanied by measurement techniques for optimised and standardised solar systems in the construction of residential buildings for several families

The implementation of optimised solar heat supply systems in the construction of residential buildings for several families within the framework of an in-depth test.

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High-quality refurbishment - Designing quality standards for the refurbishment of municipal buildings

Designing quality standards for ecological refurbishment (based on E. Panzhauser's proposals, 2001); applying them to characteristic types of buildings systematically selected in diverse municipalities; the achieved results shall serve as good practice examples for future refurbishment and as basis of discussion on subsidy regulations.

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User-friendly heating and ventilation systems for low energy and passivehouses

The goal of the research project is the evaluation of different heating and ventilation systems for passive- and low energy multi family and office buildings taking into account indoor climate, possible variation of user behaviour, final and primary energy demand, costs, space demand and fail save installation and operation.

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Existing building reconstruction and implementation of passive house components

Implementation of passive house components, systems and techniques into the practice of existing building reconstruction, in order to reduce the energy consumption as much as possible and to increase the living quality substantially. Craftspeople and planners, who are specialized in building renovation, should gain access to passive house know-how.

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Subjective housing quality as social acceptance test of sustainability

Post occupancy evaluation with residents of four low energy building projects and four conventional residential buildings in the city of Salzburg. (A co-operative project with the Workers Chamber of Salzburg and provincial research into residential building).