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Fabrik der Zukunft

RTI strategy for the bio-based industries in Austria

Sustainable industrial concepts will assume a key role in the future. At the European level, the development of bio-based industries and the use of bio-based products will be promoted.

Haus der Zukunft

S-House: Planning and Building for the future

The S-House is a two-storey straw-bale passive solar design. The building shell demonstrates the potential of straw-bale building and shows the whole spectrum of technical solutions for competitive components made of renewable resources.

Haus der Zukunft

Timber construction for high-density housing

Development of technical and economical solutions for high-density housing in timber construction under consideration of future regulatory developments (case study of a 5-story housing complex in Vienna).

Haus der Zukunft

First passive-house school reconstruction

Factor 10 refurbishment of the General Secondary School II and Polytechnic School of Schwanenstadt (Upper Austria) with prefabricated wooden façade elements and with a comfort ventilation system.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Architecturally Diverse, Energetic Renewal

Post War Modernist Buildings Under Monument Protection. A Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficient Renewal Case study: Open Air School Franklinstrasse, Wien 21

Haus der Zukunft

Industrially produced residential dwellings

Potential of future development for industrially produced residential dwellings Enquiry on international tendencies in automated manufacturing and assessment of viable strategies for their implementation into the Austrian building sector

Haus der Zukunft

PASSIVe house renovation, Makartstrasse, Linz

Modernization of a multistorey block of flats with 50 units (built in 1957/58). Renovation up to passive house standard.

Haus der Zukunft

SOL4 business and training center Eichkogel

Demonstration project for sustainable construction of a working and living environment

Haus der Zukunft

Passive-house-suited low power wood-furnace

Log-fired furnace with low energy performance, optimised to be used in passive house constructions. The desired energy output, ranging from 1 kW to a max-peak of 3 kW, is achieved by an "energy storing unit" (energy-storage material covered by an insulation layer) in combination with valves to control the energy release.

Haus der Zukunft

Development of a passivehouse - external door

Development of a passive-house-suited external-door-system producible in series production.

Haus der Zukunft

Data for schooling focused on passivehouses

Elaboration of high quality data about Passive Houses technology, to be used in training programs for building related professionals.

Haus der Zukunft

Einfach:wohnen, Phase Construction

Support for the erection of the demonstrative housing project consisting of 7 houses (5 Low energy houses, 1 passive house and 1 "next to passive house")

Haus der Zukunft

Renewable resources in the building sector

Investigation of factors which support and hinder acceptance: Technical, legal/political and organisational levels considered, focus on innovative solutions with high market potential, thematic focal areas: straw bale building, surface treatment, acoustic and thermal insulation

Haus der Zukunft

Contracting as a instrument for renovation

Development of contracting models for comprehensive renovation service packages.

Haus der Zukunft

Wall systems made of renewable resources

Testing and optimising post and beam straw bale constructions Testing the thermal insulation (specific heat conductance) and fire resistance of a construction (combustibility grading period), optimisation of building junction elements, development of a mobile testing lab for efficient and effective quality management

Energie 2050

Energy R&D: Public Expenditure in Austria 2010

Membership of the International Energy Agency (IEA) obligates Austria to report on an annual basis all publicly financed energy research and development projects. This survey fulfils not only international requirements but also shows the importance of energy research in Austria and helps to set and test policy goals as well as to recognize respective trends at an early stage. English

Haus der Zukunft

Documentary on 3sat "The future of living"

Production of a 45 minutes film about living in the future.

Haus der Zukunft

Reconstruction ecological Freihof Sulz

integral reconstruction of the valuable cultural heritage "Freihof Sulz" to a communication- and action centre; Demonstration project for local culture and life quality, old building techniques, energy saving and ecological reconstruction."

Haus der Zukunft

Innovative moth-protection system for sheepwool insulation

This project developed a novel "bio-pesticide"-formula by screening plant extracts and minerals for their strong repellant activity in order to protect sheepwool insulation from cloth moth infestation. It was investigated and examined by state-of-the-art-technology that the anti-moth-mixture extracted from plants and minerals, acts as a valid alternative to existing pest control agents.