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RTI strategy for the bio-based industries in Austria

Sustainable industrial concepts will assume a key role in the future. At the European level, the development of bio-based industries and the use of bio-based products will be promoted.

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New Conceptions for elderly people in new construction and renewal

Development of a catalogue of criteria for senior-housing and detailed implementation plans of a new building and/or of a reorganization project in Vienna, located in the 16th district; Costs and comparison analysis between "ordinary" New building and/or "ordinary" Reorganization and senior-housing new buildings and/or renewal

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"Energy saving" - the best PR strategy for sustainable housing?

The project aim is the clarification and PR-reevaluation of the thematic field "energy/energy saving" as a chance to study users and market forces close and factual to have a secure base for the development of new concepts, slogans and incentives in Austria.

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home dreams

Listening to the inhabitants of innovative buildings and using their satisfactory and unsatisfactory experiences as the basis for drawing up practice based criteria and recommendations for a quality, user-orientated building policy. The target groups are funding bodies, building contractors and town planners.

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The ecology and economy of housing. An assessment system for the evaluation of the suitability of buildings and housing estates for the future.

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New aluminium - sun collector

The development of a new aluminium - sun collector, where the working- fluid completely run through the absorber- area, to reach a higher efficiency.

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IEA SHC, Task Solar Thermal Plants with Advance Thermal Storage Technologies for Low Energy Buildings

Participation in TASK 32 "Storage concepts for solar buildings". Subtask leader of the subtask for heat storage based on phase change materials

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European Smart City Initiative - Assessment of Best Practices to StimulateMarket-/Demand-Pull

This study analyses endeavours of several European cities of becoming Smart Cities. The Kyoto Protocol from 2002 as well as the participation in different energy initiatives play a crucial role. The comparison of the results from the different cities shows that Austria has to become more ambitioned and thorough in the realm of its Smart City strategies. The study delivers valuable contributions, examples and motivations.

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Brochure: 10 years of the program "Building of Tomorrow"

Examples of innovative construction methods for new building and for renovation.

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National Smart Grids R&D Initiatives in Europe

Results of the 1st Smart Grids ERA-Net Workshop on 3th March, 2010

Energie 2050

Energy R&D: Public Expenditure in Austria 2010

Membership of the International Energy Agency (IEA) obligates Austria to report on an annual basis all publicly financed energy research and development projects. This survey fulfils not only international requirements but also shows the importance of energy research in Austria and helps to set and test policy goals as well as to recognize respective trends at an early stage. English

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Innovative Energy Technologies in Austria Market Development 2014

The market development of the examined technologies was restrained or marked by decreasing figures in 2014. An exception was the area of wind power. The use of solid biogenous fuels was reduced in 2014 due to an exceptionally mild heating period. The sum of the heating degrees for 2014 war 21 % less than the longtime average. English

Energiesysteme der Zukunft

Smart Grids Projects in Austrian R&D Programmes 2003-2010

This publication presents results of projects within the subject area "Smart Grids" in Austrian R&D Programmes 2003-2010. The participating research institutes and companies have achieved many remarkable and internationally acknowledged results.

Energie 2050

Materials Roadmap Austria

Elements for the discussion for Technology Platforms, R&D Programs and decision makers in R&D Policy

Energie 2050

Energy R&D Survey 2014: Public expenditure in Austria

In 2014, Austria's public expenditures for energy-related research and development amounted to 143,1 Mio. Euro, increasing the expenditures of 2013 by 14.9%. The research areas of energy efficiency, smart grids and storage and renewables define the priorities of the publicly financed energy research within Austria. English

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Design Guidelines - Solar Space Heating of Factory Buildings

This booklet presents a method to design solar thermal systems for space heating of factory buildings using underfloor heating systems.

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Model region Güssing

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Development of a clay - buildingboard with a surface ready to paint

Development of a building board consisting of a wood fibre board, coated with clay-plaster reinforced by natural plant-fibres (BioFaserLehm) for reinforcing planking of timber-constructions and also for statical not stressed inner wall surfaces.