New aluminium - sun collector

The development of a new aluminium - sun collector, where the working- fluid completely run through the absorber- area, to reach a higher efficiency.

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The solar collectors available on the market at the present consist of a particularly coated absorber surface of thin copper or aluminum plate, which is heated up by sun exposure. The warmth produced is taken up to both absorber pipes welded soldered on in a certain distance by, and/or transferred to the flowing through water freeze protection mixture. At the absorber surface between two absorber pipes there is a development of overheated areas, where the energy cannot be sufficiently exhausted. The increased temperature level causes high radiation losses of the conventional collector.

Goals and contents

The new full surface solar collector consists of an aluminum profile, which permits an even flow behind to the absorber surface. With the full surface solar collector the energy is exhausted evenly and thus the radiation losses are minimized. The overall efficiency of the full surface collector is substantially improved compared with conventional collectors.


The work on the project full surface solar collector is accomplished according to plan, including the construction and the production of a form up to the first profile sample of the absorber, as in the interim report described in detail. The weld ability of the absorber, as the most extensive project part, was proven and realized. The welding jig was optimized. Subsequently, for future competitive production, further welding trials with a robot were accomplished.


Since the beginning of the project researches have been done concerning the optimum coating. Different samples were sent to companies and the coated samples were tested afterwards. By the end of the project the optimum coating was found, applied at the full surface absorber prototype and examined by an efficiency comparison test (standard collector with standard absorber and standard collector full surface absorber prototype) by the ASiC, whereby the clear efficiency paste run gene is evident.

Project Partners

Project manager: Heinz Größwang
IWS - Intelligente Wärmesysteme
  • DI Dr. Kurt Leeb
    ASiC - Austria Solar Innovation Center
  • DI Dehner Harald
    ASiC - Austria Solar Innovation Center


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