Data for schooling focused on passivehouses

Elaboration of high quality data about Passive Houses technology, to be used in training programs for building related professionals.

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Durable success of the passivehouse concept strongly depends on careful planning and implementation, involvement of qualified consultants in the planning process and well organized quality control during construction.

As the passivehouse concept today experiences a crucial period of introduction into the mainstream building sector, shortcomings in planning and construction have to be avoided by all means in order to guarantee a quick establishment of this building type and to hinder an eventual softening of the mutually implying principles of its strategy. These tasks require intensive awareness building within the involved groups of professionals.

The project described here seeks to satisfy an urgent and frequently expressed need of data for schooling focused on passivehouse, taking into account both content related and didactic requirements.

Schooling and courses concerning passivehouse technology are offered, increasingly specified, by various training providers. However, schooling data of satisfying quality proofed to be urgently needed as lack of funding often prevents its suitable preparation. This defect risks threatening schooling's impact and - in consequence - diminishing the quality of built passivehouses.


Data to be elaborated during the project described here will contain specific topics of planning and constructing passivehouses. It will be offered to training providers free of charge.

The project also contributes to bundling passivehouse related knowledge which is dispersed in various institutions in Austria. Cooperation between different stakeholders will improve through joint action within the project's framework.

On the whole the establishment of high quality schooling data not only guarantees straight knowledge transfer but also secures exchange of information between the experts who establish these data.


Existing schooling data and experiences of trainings held so far will be taken into account. Different entities providing passivehouse related training will be involved in the conception process as they represent the future users of the data to be elaborated.

Implementing precise experiences of best practices into the schedule will help to overcome ongoing experiments and improvising in this field and strengthen innovations which have already proofed to be viable.

Integration of the data into existing training schemes will be achieved by the organizational structure:

  • A nucleus team of experts will continuously accompany the drafting of the project partners by regular feed back
  • Evaluation will be rendered by proponents of training providers

Project Partners

Project management

DI Tania Berger
Zentrum für Bauen und Umwelt, Donau-Universität Krems


  • DI Helmut Krapmeier
    Energieinstitut Vorarlberg
  • Dr. Wolfgang Feist


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