Wind Energy - Industry in Austria

This brochure examines the existing domestic value-added in the wind energy sector as it stands today.

Publisher: IG Windkraft supported by BMK (2024)
English, 16 pages

Content Description

The use of renewable energy sources and especially wind energy plays a crucial role in achieving our energy and climate policy goals. Promoting the growth of wind energy contributes to the expansion of national value chains and the creation of jobs. For this, it is important to be familiar with the Austrian companies and to take a closer look at the wind energy value chains.

IG Windkraft ist the Austrian Wind Energy Association for wind energy operators, manufacturers and promoters and advocates positioning Austria as a strong partner in a European wind industry. As a central platform for the domestic wind technology industry, the association provides a comprehensive overview of ongoing and planned activities in this field.

This brochure offers insights into Austrian companies involved in manufacturing wind energy components and other parts of the projects.