50 Years International Energy Agency

Austria’s contribution to global research collaboration.
energy innovation austria 1/2024

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 16 pages

Content Description

Founded in 1974 in response to the oil crisis, the International Energy Agency plays an important role today in shaping a clean, secure and sustainable energy future. As one of the founding members, Austria has been actively involved from the start in numerous technology programmes and projects, and benefits from exchanging knowledge at the international level.

Content overview

  • 50 Years IEA Collaboration in Research
    The technology network for a changing energy future
  • Austria's role in the International Energy Agency technology network
  • Milestones in energy research
  • Topic: High-temperature heat pumps
    and their use in industrial processes and district heating networks
  • Topic: Cooling buildings
    Energy-efficient and climateneutral technologies
  • Topic: Hybrid energy networks
    New concepts for energy storage systems
  • Topic: Social acceptance
    The users' perspective
  • Topic: Bioenergy
    Environmentally-friendly use of biogenic raw materials
  • Topic: Areas of flexibility in the energy system
    Potentials and market mechanisms