IEA Bioenergy Task 33: Gasification of Biomass and Waste (Working Period 2022 - 2024)

The aim of Task 33 is to exchange information on the production and utilization of renewable gas from biomass and waste for the production of power, heat, biofuels and biochemicals. Especially the information exchange about R&D programs, implementation and possible markets is taken into account, to remove technical and non-technical barriers.

Short Description

Emphasis is placed on the review and exchange of information on biomass gasification research, development, and demonstration (RD&D), seek continuing involvement with bioenergy industries, and to promote coordinated RD&D in and among the participating countries.

Primary goal is to promote the commercialization of biomass and waste gasification for the production and direct utilization of clean-burning fuel gas as a substitute for conventional fuels and for the production of synthesis gas for subsequent conversion to chemicals, fertilizers, and transportation fuels as well as to produce hydrogen. Also relevant is biochar as a by-product during gasification process, whose potentials of utilization are also the focus of Task 33.

In actual triennium 2022 - 2024, the new structure of the Task 33 is planned - the focus will be primarily on the utilization of product gas from gasification.

For this purpose, six subtasks were created:

  1. Gasification for CHP production
  2. Gasification for SNG
  3. Gasification for fuels production
  4. Gasification for chemicals production
  5. Gasification for hydrogen production
  6. Gasification in relation to CO2 capture and storage

To each topic fact sheets will be published with the aim to highlight the potentials of gasification technology. Austrian representatives will be leading the subtask "Gasification for CHP production" and will also contribute to within all other mentioned topics.

Furthermore, there are Task meetings, workshops and webinars planned to exchange and distribute the information between national and international levels.


Publications can be viewed on the page in German.


Project Partners

Task leader

Berend Vreugdenhil, TNO, the Netherlands

Task co-leader

Jitka Hrbek, BOKU, Austria


Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

Contact Address

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Institute of Chemical and Energy Engineering
Dr. Jitka Hrbek
Univ. Prof. Christoph Pfeifer
Muthgasse 107/1
A-1190 Vienna