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energy innovation austria presents current austrian developments and examples of sustainable energy technologies.

Energy R&D - Public Expenditures in Austria

  • Energy R&D 2022: Public Expenditures in Austria
    The public energy research expenditures amounted to 214.4 million euros in 2022, which is 9.6 million euros less than in the previous year.

  • Energy research expenditure - corporate sector in Austria 2021
    759.8 million in research expenditure was allocated to the topic of energy by domestic companies in 2021. This figure was 16% higher than the comparable figure from the 2019 survey. The report contains detailed figures and analyses of various technologies with regard to company and public R&D investments.

  • Energy R&D 2021: Public Expenditures in Austria
    The public energy research expenditures amounted to 224.1 million euros in 2021, thanks to the economic stimulus plan. This is the highest value so far and an increase of 44.4%.

  • Energy R&D 2020: Public Expenditures in Austria
    In 2020, about 1,000 projects and activities for publicly funded energy-related research, development and first-of-a-kind demonstration amounted to 155.2 million euros. As in previous years, the area of "energy-efficient end-use technologies" is in first place with expenditures of 76.8 million euros. The areas "smart grids and storage", "renewable energy" and "cross-cutting issues" follow by a comparatively wide margin.

  • Energy R&D 2019: Public Expenditures in Austria
    The public energy research expenditures in 2019 amounted to 149,1 Mio Euro. In first place is energy efficiency (especially e-mobility, industry and buildings) followed by renewables (especially bioenergy and photovoltaics) as well as smart grids and storage.
  • Energy R&D 2018 - Public Expenditures in Austria
    The public energy research expenditures of Austria in 2018 amounted to 144,1 million euros, increasing the expenditures of 2017 by 4,7 million euros. The research areas of energy efficiency, smart grids, storage and renewables define the priorities of the publicly financed energy research in Austria.

  • Energy R&D: Private and public Expenditures in Austria 2017
    In 2017 Austria's business sector enterprises invested 681 Mio Euro of their internal expenditures for research and development in the field of energy. The report includes detailed figures and analysis of different energy technologies concerning private and public R&D-expenditures.

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