Visualisation of IEA TCPs

International activities for the energy supply of the future are taking place within the framework of IEA's technology cooperation. Visualisations based on a graph database show the extensive activities of the individual technology cooperation programmes (TCPs). The collaborations of countries on individual topics were made clearly visible, too.

For this visualization, all ongoing tasks in summer 2020 of IEA's technology collaboration programs (TCPs) 2020 were analyzed. Interfaces were developed for five selected questions (see above), which allow a quick analysis of the most relevant correlations. The overall dataset is available for own analysis. This dataset also contains further information on the internal structure of the technology program (allocation to various IEA Working Parties), the research expenditures of the participating countries and a classification of the type of activities.

The work was carried out by the Austrian Energy Agency and WIENFLUSS KG on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).


Mapping of IEA TCPs

The publication visualizes the current activities of the IEA Energy Technology Network and identifies possible gaps and overlaps. The mapping includes 185 ongoing tasks and annexes (Status September 2017). Series 10/2018
Lukas Eggler, Andreas Indinger, Lukas Zwieb
Publisher: BMVIT
English, 64 Seiten

Publication Downloads

Dataset (Open Access)

The complete data set is available in 3 formats (.graphml, .csv, .jsonl) and can be imported into common graph database systems (e.g. Neo4j).