Visualisation of IEA TCPs: Finding all countries engaged in a certain topic

After selecting a topic (as default Biofuels is displayed), this graph shows all tasks (activities) having a focus in that particular topic. The topics are structured according to the IEA energy RD&D budget/expenditure statistics. Activities which had been ongoing in Summer 2020 from all IEA-TCPs are covered in this analysis. Countries participation in these tasks are displayed as black bubbles with their ISO 3166-1 Code. Due to extensive processing requirements, it can take a moment to display the full graph. If a TCP consists of more than one task (activity), it also contains one entry in the database labelled “ExCo-Activities”. The TCP membership in general is reflected in the “ExCo-Activities”. Selecting one country (mouse-over), all participations in the selected topic are displayed (with the TCP as additional information). You can re-arrange the different bubbles to better meet the needs of your analysis.
Countries with focus on the topic of