Hydrogen for the energy transition

Research and technology development in Austria
energy innovation austria 4/2023

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

Hydrogen can be produced without harming the climate, transported, stored and used in a wide range of sectors. "Green" hydrogen is set to play a key role in the renewable energy system of the future, not least as a seasonal storage system for surplus wind and solar power. Technologies and applications that use hydrogen along the entire value chain are currently being studied and trialled in pilot projects
in Austria.

Content overview

  • Topic: Climate-neutral hydrogen production
    in the energy system of the future
  • Project: H2REAL
    Launch of the Hydrogen Valley East Austria
  • Project: Underground Sun Storage 2030
    Putting geological hydrogen storage through its paces
  • International: International collaboration
  • Project: Renewable Gasfield
    Green gas from Styria
  • Project: NEFI-Green Steel
    Climate-neutral steel processing using renewable gases
  • Interview: Wolfgang Anzengruber
    Chair of the Advisory Board of Hydrogen Partnership Austria