Climate-friendly buildings

Monitoring sustainable construction methods in Austria
energy innovation austria 2/2023

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

Innovative strategies for buildings and residential areas are geared towards significantly reducing a building's consumption of energy and resources as well as its carbon emissions while also creating an affordable and comfortable place for residents to live that gives them a good quality of life. A look at how showcase projects are running day-to-day reveals what potential and opportunities for optimisation are on offer here.

Content overview

  • Topic: Building sustainably
    on the path towards climate neutrality
  • Project: DELIGHT
    Energy consumption and user comfort in eleven innovative buildings
  • Project: The long-term evaluation
    of 100 flagship buildings in Austria
  • Project: Renovating social housing
    Monitoring the Friedrich-Inhauser-Straße residential complex in Salzburg
  • Project: Smart Readiness Indicator of Buildings
    European and national activities
  • Project: Sonnengarten Limberg
    Affordable housing and a good quality of life