Innovations for energy communities

Research and technology development for their successful implementation in Austria
energy innovation austria 1/2023

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

Energy communities let citizens participate in the energy market and proactively shape the energy transition. In various RTI projects, new solutions are being developed that will help optimise, further advance and spread the idea of energy communities.

Content overview

  • Topic: Energy communities
    A game changer for the energy transition
  • Project: ENERGY POINT
    Open energy trading platform for all market participants
  • Project: Hybrid LSC
    Holistic strategy for local sustainable communities
  • Interview: From Research to Practice
    Andreas Schneemann, Innovation laboratory Stegersbach
  • Project: serve-U
    Practical service platform for energy communities
  • Project: SmartU
    Intelligent use of energy data