Innovation lab act4energy

The Innovation Lab act4energy is set up as an innovation laboratory project. Its focus is to solve the problems of renewable energies integration with a focus on photovoltaic power paired with local consumption, linked to the the high fluctuation of renewable energies.

Short Description



Initial situation and motivation

The region Oberwart-Stegersbach is situated in the province Südburgenland in Austria. It qualifies itself by several factors, including an already existing dense network of partners. The geographical and demographical structure (easy to replicate), a well-developed photovoltaic-scene backed by the photovoltaic initiative Sonnenkraftwerk Burgenland and several already established topic-specific R&D projects. Based on the associated synergy effects, as well as based on the inclusion of open minded and motivated stakeholders the area is especially suitable for the realization of an innovation laboratory.

Contents and objectives

The aspired solutions and concepts aim to stabilize the energy production of renewable energy sources, with the underlying objective of easing their breakthrough. To achieve this goal a permanent, optimized energy-load-shift and the implementation of storage-options combined with a comprehensive energy-management-system (sector coupling) is necessary.

The intended individual coverage of usage-bound energy supply includes the segments electricity, heat and mobility. With regard to a holistic solution, the development is linked to a close collaboration with its potential users. This demo-region is implemented according to the target to design an innovative future scenario. The key factors are the establishment of an open-innovation-approach as well as the creation of a know-how-pool, with the goal of defining an explicit, comprehensible, praxis oriented and reproducible concept.

Methodical approach

Programme design and development including

  • A partner network
  • A thematically convenient infrastructure
  • (Demand Site Management-System, Cluster-Infrastructure, E-Charge- Infrastructure)
  • Office-, research-, demonstration rooms and laboratories,
  • Know-How distribution by presentations, seminars, workshops, moderation, coaching, formation of work groups and counseling through an open-innovation approach
  • Support of co-creation processes and demonstration projects
  • Setting up a community
  • Marketing and publicity management

Intended results

The Innovation Lab act4energy is positioned to be an open innovation community. Its goal is to link the population, social organizations, the representatives of economy and unions and the so called "inner network" of the open innovation community, with each other.

The inner network includes research centers, corporations, municipalities and organizations, which are related to renewable energy / energy flexibility / energy efficiency and energy availability.

  • Access: For the approached target group a fair opportunity is created to contribute and benefit from the open innovation community.
  • Know-how transfer: Experience gathered from the executed co-creation processes, as well as expertise from economy, science, unions and administration are freely available.
  • New energy supply: The active contribution to engage a "renewable energy supply concept" creates individual, public, regional and international possibilities concerning the future energy supply.
  • Business opportunities: Provider of products/services related to energy logistics awaits a corresponding future market, which leads to the benefit of all actors. Additionally access to know-how, involvement in projects, opportunities of business deals and network expansions are expectable.

Project Partners

Communites as partners of the Innovation Lab

  • Bocksdorf
  • Burgauberg – Neudauberg
  • Kemeten
  • Kukmirn
  • Litzelsdorf
  • Oberwart
  • Olbendorf
  • Ollersdorf
  • Rauchwart
  • Stegersbach

Project management

Energie Kompass GmbH
Michael Niederkofler

Contact Address

Energie Kompass GmbH
Oberbergen 29
A-7551 Stegersbach
Tel.: +43 (3326) 52496 0 / +43 3326 52496 4