Austrian demonstration projects

In this publication you will find 74 pioneering new buildings and renovation projects thought out and implemented on the basis of results from the research programmes “Building of Tomorrow” and “City of Tomorrow”.

This map (status 2017) gives an overview of the 74 demonstration buildings (new and refurbished), that were developed on the basis of research and development results based on the programmes "Building of Tomorrow" and "City of Tomorrow".

Thanks to the great efforts of researchers, planners and enterprises, the research and development results of the programme could be implemented and a significant technology lead could be achieved. This map is intended to stimulate active engagement with new building design.

This overview-map of Austria is also available as printed attachment of the brochure "Innovative buildings in Austria - Technical Guide".


Brochure "Innovative buildings in Austria - Technical Guide"

The brochure "Innovative buildings in Austria – Technical Guide" gives an overview of 74 demonstration projects (status 2017) that have been built or are under construction within the framework of the research and technology programmes "Building of Tomorrow" and "City of Tomorrow". Along with the description of the most important innovations, the "Technical Guide" also provides many illustrations, an overview of key indicators/ energy key data, information of type of construction, start of construction and (planned) completion of the buildings as well as information about significant stakeholders of the project: architects, technical planners, promoters and property developers. Information on address and contact persons as well as information about visiting possibilities of the demonstration buildings and furthermore links to the full project descriptions and documentation on the "Haus der Zukunft/ Building of Tomorrow " website allow interested persons to get an in-depth look into the projects.

In the "Technical Guide" the presentation of the projects is geographically divided into the regions of Western, Central and Eastern Austria, detailed maps of these three areas make it easy to quickly locate the buildings. In addition, the brochure also comprises an overview-map, giving a complete overview of the geographical allocation of the "Building of Tomorrow" and "City of Tomorrow" demonstration buildings in Austria.