Climate-neutral industry

Paths towards clean, competitive manufacturing
energy innovation austria 2/2022

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 16 pages

Content Description

Industry, particularly its energy-intensive sectors, accounts for a large part of the energy consumed and greenhouse gases emitted worldwide. Completely new technologies and processes will need to be developed in some areas in order to drive forward the decarbonisation of industry.

At the same time, innovations that will facilitate futureoriented, climate-neutral industrial manufacturing are necessary in order to keep Austrian industry competitive over the long term.

Content overview

  • Topic: Climate-neutral manufacturing
    Strategies for transforming industry
  • Internationale Partnerships: Mission Innovation
    Net-Zero Industries
    for decarbonising Austria's industry
  • Project: HYFOR®
    Hydrogen-based technology for iron- and steelmaking
  • International Networking: IEA Industrielle Energietechnologien und Systeme (IETS TCP)
    Gases from biogenic residues and waste materials for industry
  • Project: Digital Energy Twin
    Optimising industrial energy systems
  • Project: DSM_OPT
    Operation optimisation for industrial energy systems
  • Project: EDCSproof
    Concept for the future: decarbonising industrial energy supply