Combined heat and power generation with split-logs and power systems

Austria with its large forests is a classical country for biomass use. Heating with split-logs is state-of-the-art for several years, and using combined heat and power systems for small powers to obtain self-sustaining households is an additional utilization.

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In some years the energy supply with electricity will appear as a critical factor, showing in higher prices. At this time a combined heat and power (CHP) device with heat production and as an additional product use also electricity generation will become interesting and profitable even in small scale within a household.

Windhager Zentralheizung is for a long time a manufacturer of heating boilers and is in the biomass area one of the leading suppliers of log and pellet boilers. With the advancement and adaptation of the boilers for CHP the use of biomass as a renewable raw material for heating purposes is extended also to electricity production. The product can thereby raise the share of biomass on primary energy production and will also contribute to efficient electricity production - an important purpose of the "Energy Systems of Tomorrow".

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