IEA Energy Efficient End-use Equipment (4E)

The activities of IEA 4E TCP are carried out in four platforms and joint ExCo projects. The active Platforms are: Electric Motor Systems (EMSA), Sustainable Lighting and Controls (SSL), Efficient, Demand Flexible Networked Appliances (EDNA) and Power Electronic Conversion Technology (PECTA).

Short Description

In 2008 the Technology Programme on Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E) was established to support government efforts in designing and implementing policies for efficient end-use equipment. The member governments collaborate and coordinate activities to strengthen energy efficiency programs, by setting policies that reflect changes in technology and market conditions, expanding the scope of policies, and improving implementation and compliance through learning from the experience of others.

The structure of 4E is shown below:

The objectives of 4E are:

  • Identifying and promoting policy approaches at the international level, based on results of the 4E platforms and projects.
  • Disseminating research results, methods, and best practices.
  • Exchanging experiences and coordinating harmonized international policy approaches for end-use devices.

Austria is a member of 4E since 2009. Austria currently participates in the EDNA, PECTA and EMSA platforms. This work involves regular decisions-making and technical contribution to the projects and ongoing activities of the Platforms and of the ExCo.

The 4E Technology Collaboration Programme has an approved strategic plan for its fourth phase, from 2024 to 2029, with an expanded view to various products and systems. Collaborative research and development activities are undertaken within the 4E Platforms. Each focuses on technology areas with a large potential for energy savings, where a sustained focus builds knowledge and networks.

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IEA Effiziente elektrische Endverbrauchsgeräte Annexes: Mapping and Benchmarking, Standby Power

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Annual Reports

IEA 4E Product Energy Efficiency Trends (PEET) Project

The Product Energy Efficiency Trends (PEET) project aims to monitor the energy efficiency of selected product groups in the 4E member countries and regions, to provide information on progress from year to year. The latest PEET reports published in 2022 summarize the state of energy efficiency regulations for four product groups. These are: electric motors, room air conditioners, televisions and monitors, and household refrigerators


Newsletters can be found on the IEA 4E Website.

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