IEA 4E Annex Electronic Devices and Networks Annex - EDNA (working period 2017 – 2019) Task 3: "Intelligent efficiency". Project: "Basket of products testing"

The "Electronic Devices and Networks Annex “EDNA” has emerged from the background of the global increase of electronic devices and digital solutions, which requires the evaluation of the energy efficiency of these devices. Energy efficiency measures should be developed and improved, and technological and regulatory challenges need to be addressed. The aim of EDNA is to develop policy and strategy recommendations for decision-makers, concerning network connected devices.

Short Description

By 2020 network connected devices worldwide will reach 50 billion. These devices offer, on the one hand possibilities for improved energy management and increased efficiency, on the other hand they themselves represent energy loads. The Electronic Devices and Networks Annex - EDNA therefore focuses on the energy consumption as well as the potentials and barriers in the dissemination of connected equipment. The goal is to help policy makers design regulations for network connected devices, thereby contributing to the energy efficiency.

The coloured bars below represent the six working areas of EDNA.

The first area on the left focuses on the analysis of the own power consumption of networked devices. The data used for the analysis is either collected by EDNA members on its own, or is gathered from existing databases and other representative sources.

Another area of work focuses on the study of the market of networked electronic equipment, by collecting information on patterns of adoption and use. When the optimization potential of devices and the associated market are sufficiently investigated, EDNA supports relevant stakeholders to further develop this potential, thereby creating synergies between industry, product manufacturers, and EDNA delegates. Another area of work of EDNA is the formulation of recommendations for policy makers. The basis for this is the previously conducted research on products and markets.

In the reporting period from 2017 to 2019, the following tasks have been completed with active Austrian participation: Task 3 "Policy Options for Intelligent Efficiency (IE)", and Task 6 "Energy Harvesting Technologies (EHT)" as well as the projects „Basket of Products Testing" and "Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)". In addition EDNA published the results of this work in form of reports and policy briefs.

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