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IEA 4E Annex Electronic Devices and Networks Annex - EDNA (working period 2017 – 2019) Task 3: "Intelligent efficiency". Project: "Basket of products testing"

The goal is the active participation and the representation of the Austrian position and interests in EDNA as well as exchange with and dissemination of results. Further, Austria shall contribute to Task 3 “Intelligent Effficiency” (IE) and the project “Basket of products testing”, in the form of documented measurements of the energy demand of selected products in network standby mode. Austria collaborates with Switzerland on two concept papers, namely „IoT as enabler“ and „Energy harvesting technolgies“. Two further concept papers on the topics “Energy monitoring systems” and “Efficiency of e-vehicle charging” will be prepared by Austria and brought to the EDNA working plan.

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