IEA 4E: Annex Electric Motor Systems. Working period 2017 - 2019

The goal of the Annex Electric Motor Systems is to raise awareness on the large savings potential in motor systems, while showing the realization method of such a path. After publishing the „Policy Guidelines for Electric Motor Systems“ and recommendations for carrying out energy audits for motor systems based on international standards Austria will analyse the impact of industrial automation on electricity consumption and the motor market.

Short Description

Current Situation and Motivation

Motor systems are responsible for 75% of electricity consumed in the industry. These include, for example, pumping-, fan-, cooling and compressed air systems. At the same time, 20% of electricity consumed could be saved by economic optimization measures.
Over the last years, many political activities in the field of international efficiency and minimum performance standards were set (e.g. EU Ecodesign-Directive, efficiency classification in the IEC 60034-30-1), including mainly induction motors without control. This year (2017), new technologies were also integrated in standards for energy efficiency (e.g. permanent magnet motors in IEC TS 60034-20-2).

The extensive digitalization of production will make it possible for relevant factors of production (human and equipment) to be integrated in the production process as well as communication via intelligent networks in the future. On the one hand, intelligent networks of supply and demand will decrease energy consumption of motor systems, while on the other, consumption will increase by further installation of electric motors and control equipment.

Targets and Methodology

So far, not many studies exist on the energy consumption of systems which will be installed by Industry 4.0 (e.g. robots, automation techniques, control systems). Austria will examine whether new developments in the field of industrial automation have an impact on electricity consumption in industrial companies and which effects are expected on the technological development of electric motors within a subtask of the Annex Electric Motor Systems of the IEA TCP 4E. Due to this, studies, scientific papers and presentations will be analysed and stakeholders (suppliers, users and energy consultants) will be interviewed.

Planned Results

This project comprises the participation of Austria in the Annex Electric Motor Systems. The following results are planned within the subtask „Monitoring and Assessing New Industrial Developments" under the lead of Austria:

  • Evaluation of how industrial developments influence industrial electricity consumption, esp. of electric motors
  • Evaluation of which technology trends in the field of automation and digitalisation have specific impact on the energy consumption of motors
  • Identifying which developments for electric motors are required by Industry 4.0
  • Formulation of questions to be dealt with during the next program period

Industry involvement is included via stakeholder-interviews, newsletter and direct contact. Furthermore, contact will be established within the project for information exchange regarding the BMVIT platform on industry 4.0. Last but not least, knowledge of how international energy efficiency standards, minimum performance standards, testing standards and testing procedures are developing is disseminated to Austrian companies and by the energy consultant network of klimaaktiv.


Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States

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