IEA-4E Annex Electric Motor Systems (EMSA). (Working period 2014-2017)

The goal of the Annex Electric Motor Systems is to raise awareness on the large savings potential in motor systems, while showing the realization method of such a path. Currently, Austria leads the task Energy Audits for Motor Systems to develop recommendations for carrying out energy audits for motor systems based on international standards.

Short Description

Background, Motivation

Motor systems are responsible for 75% of electricity consumed in the industry. These include, for example, pumping-, fan-, cooling and compressed air systems. At the same time, 20% of electricity consumed could be saved by economic optimization measures.

In the last couple of years, a lot of changes in the field of policy development and standard making, esp. for energy efficiency standards, testing standards and minimum performance standards, took place.

Whereas Minimum Performance Standards focus on the efficiency of single components, energy audits consider the real conditions on-site.

For implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive of the European Commission with the stipulation for energy audits for large companies it is essential that instruments for the consideration of motor systems are available.

Targets, Methods

The Austrian Energy Agency leads the task Energy Audits for Motor Systems: Within this task, recommendations for carrying out energy audits for motor systems based on existing standards were defined. Therefore, desk-research (for analysis of the standards), stakeholder-interviews and international exchange of experience during workshops, conferences and meetings were carried out.


Firstly, the Austrian Energy Agency analysed energy audit programmes and standards in the member countries of the Electric Motor Systems Annex and summarized the results in a report. This report contains:

  • Results of the exchange of experience on the implementation of energy audit programmes and tools for analysis of motor driven systems in different countries
  • Results of analysis of standards for energy audits and calculation of energy performance. This includes ISO-standards but also international protocols.

This report served as basis for the development of the Energy Audit Guide for Motor Driven, Recommended Steps and Tools. This guide is structured along the stages of an energy audit according to ISO 50002 and includes organisational and technical tasks to be performed during an energy audit for motor systems. For each step it refers to the relevant standards, guides and tools and how they can be used within the audit procedure.

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Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA

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