IEA 4E Annex: Electric Motor Systems. Working period 2008 - 2011

Promotion of energy efficiency of poly-phase electric AC motors and motor systems in relevant applications as pumps, fans, compressors and mechanical drives that are generally used in industry, infrastructure and large buildings. This work also included new technologies such as frequency inverters (adjustable speed drive) and permanent magnet motors.

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The IEA 4E Implementing Agreement focus on the energy efficiency of electrical end-use equipment. In particular, equipment and technologies are treated that contribute most to the total end-use electricity consumption and have fast growing market shares.

Among others, product groups such as electric motors and lighting equipment are addressed at the moment. In addition to technology-specific areas, cross-section topics in the field of energy efficiency of electric equipment will be tackled, as stand-by consumption and benchmarking for energy efficiency.

Overall target of the Implementing Agreement is the international cooperation for the support of political instruments for enforcing energy efficiency. The Implementing Agreement offers the participating countries and possible industry-partners a forum for the exchange of information and experience in this specific technological field and for related political instruments. Especially international coordination of concpets/initiatives/programmes for energy efficiency in the field of electrical equipment and technologies shall be supported.

Instruments for the implementation of the agreement are exchange of information in the fields of technologies, programmes and political instruments in addition to international cooperation in defined projects and annexes.

The Agreement started in March 2008 and runs until February 2013. At the moment, the following countries participate: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, USA, UK, Republic of Korea, South Africa.

The Agreement has four annexes running:

  • Electric Motor Systems
  • Mapping & Benchmarking
  • Standby-Power
  • Solid State Lighting (LED)

The Annex Motor Systems deals with poly-phase electric motors between 0.5 and 500 kW. Major focus will be given to motors with control, drive systems and driven machines, like pumps, fans and compressors. Smaller motors with less than 1 kW for home appliances and motors used in vehicles will not be looked at. Besides replacement of motors, repair and new installations will be dealt with.

The following tasks are worked on since November 2008:

  • Technical guide and tools for motor systems
  • Training and qualification programme with accreditation system for testing centers
  • Reference guide of political decision makers for the implementation of policy instruments for increasing the efficiency of motor systems
  • Training of industrial planners, consultants and technical personal
  • Support of international standard initiatives for energy management
  • Overview of technical possibilities and cost-effective use of new motor technologies

The Annex runs until October 2011.

Austria participates in the tasks technical guide and tools, reference guide for political decision makers and trainings.

The targets for the participation of Austria are:

  • Collection and analysis of data on electricity consumption of motor systems for branches and technologies
  • Description and promotion of activities for efficient motor systems in Austria
  • International networking of relevant stakeholders
  • Access to worldwide energy efficiency information for Austrian producers and service companies
  • Information for developers and producers, planners, users, and political decision makers on efficiency criteria of electric motor systems via databases, guides and direct contacts
  • Strengthening of research and development in Austria by future oriented technologies, esp. on the demand side


Australien, Dänemark, Großbritannien, Korea, Niederlande, Österreich, Schweiz

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