IEA 4E Product Energy Efficiency Trends (PEET) Project – 4 Reports

The Product Energy Efficiency Trends (PEET) project aims to monitor the energy efficiency of selected product groups in the 4E member countries and regions, to provide information on progress from year to year. The latest PEET reports published in 2022 summarize the state of energy efficiency regulations for four product groups. These are: electric motors, room air conditioners, televisions and monitors, and household refrigerators.

Publisher: IEA - 4E Energieeffiziente Endverbrauchsgeräte, 2022

Content Description

The PEET project monitors the adoption of new efficient technologies by region to understand how the energy efficiency of products varies over time and between regions. Comparing measures to promote energy efficiency is a very complex process in which many factors have to be taken into account. The project has published four reports in 2022, dealing with the following content:

4E PEET Status of Electric Motor Regulations 2022

The report focuses on the most widely used motor groups as they require most of the energy and fall within the scope of most energy efficiency regulations. These motor groups are: three-phase AC asynchronous motors, single-phase AC asynchronous motors, variable speed drive (VSD) motors, and DC motors.

4E PEET Status of Room Air Conditioner Regulations 2022

This report focuses on room air conditioners with a cooling capacity up to 14 kW, which use the vapor compression cycle and are designed for the comfort cooling (and/or heating) of one or more rooms (not for whole buildings).

4E PEET Status of Television and Displays Regulations 2022

This report focuses on the following groups of televisions and monitors: televisions for displaying AV signals; computer monitors for up-close viewing and by a single person connected to a computer; Signage displays for public and/or unfocused viewing, often with long range; Monitors for specific industrial/professional applications, and integrated/combined displays where the display is an integral part of the main function of a product, such as smartphones and desktop computers.

4E PEET Status of Domestic Refrigerator Regulations 2022

This report focuses on the following groups of household refrigerators based on AC electric vapor compression technology, which are most widely used in the 4E member countries and regions: 

  1. refrigerators and freezers designed for the storage of fresh food, which are also suitable for freezing and storing food;
  2. refrigerators for storing fresh food and
  3. freezers for freezing food.