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Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

European Networking Group Workshop: Harmonization and Standardization of Electric Road Systems - Roadside Infrastructure

27. - 28. March 2023
University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Altonaer Straße 25, 99086 Erfurt, DE

This Workshop aims to initiate harmonization processes for standards and regulations with context to roadside equipment for Electric Road Systems (ERS). A consensus between the different existing ERS technologies should be found and new ways to unearth compatible solutions implementing ERS in Europe should be started.

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Making the Circular Economy Work

29. March 2023, 14:00-15:30

The speakers will go through various aspects of the circular economy, from bioenergy to industrial and urban symbioses, including local strategic planning. How can European cities and municipalities become circular? Should they develop a cross-sectoral circular economy strategy or focus on specific areas? What are the areas where the circular model can be applied?

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Enhancing the circularity and recycling in the Construction sector

26. April 2023, 09:00-13:00
Bluepoint BD, Brussels (Belgium)

METABUILDING, an EU-funded H2020 project, has developed an innovation ecosystem that brings together stakeholders from construction and four emerging industrial sectors; recycling & circularity, additive manufacturing, nature-based solutions, and digital industry.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

14. IEA Heat Pump Conference

15. - 18. May 2023
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel, Chicago, U.S.

The theme of the Conference will be "Heat Pumps - Resilient and Efficient". The upcoming conference will serve as a forum to discuss the latest technologies in heat pumps, and exchange valuable knowledge in market, policy, and standards information on related technologies. Exhibitions will be held at the conference, to share products and technologies.

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Renewable Materials Conference 2023

23 – 25 May 2023
Siegburg nearby Cologne/Bonn, Germany, Hybrid Event

The unique concept of presenting all renewable material solutions at one event hits the mark: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled are the only alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

Hydrogen and fuel cells for transportation - status, examples and recommendations for action

26. June 2023
Online and on-site: HS i9, Technische Universität Graz, Inffeldgasse 13, 8010 Graz, AT

National and international experts will provide insights into the latest technical developments and best practice examples for fuel cells in transport and the design, construction and operation of a corresponding hydrogen infrastructure.

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Summer University: "Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS)"

17. July - 4. August 2023
Vienna, AT

Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) is an academic program offering a holistic approach to sustainability and the interconnections between economy, society and the environment. The summer school comprises lectures, (panel) discussions and workshops, as well as extracurricular activities and is open for students and professionals from all walks of life.

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Summer University "Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS)"

15. July - 6. August 2023
Vienna, AT

First-hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise bundled in a three-week program, taking place at the capital of energy-efficient building, Vienna. Think sustainable, take care of your future - now!

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Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC-7)

25. - 27. September 2023
Station Square Sheraton, Pittsburgh (PA), USA

This conference aims to be a forum to discuss the various issues related to post-combustion capture technologies status and development. For the 7th time, the most diverse aspects of these processes will be discussed during a three-day international conference