IEA GHG: Greenhouse News September 2017 (Issue 127)

Der Newsletter berichtet über vergangene Veranstaltungen, aktuelle Studien und Projekte, neue Publikationen sowie Exkursionen.

Herausgeber: IEA GHG
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Inhalte des Newsletters sind:


  • 11th IEA GHG International CCS Summer School
  • 7th High Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network (HTSLCN)
  • IEA GHG 4th Post-Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC4)
  • TCCS-9: 9th Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage
  • NETL CO2 Capture Technology Review Meeting, 21st - 25th August 2017

Neue Publikationen

  • CCS Deployment in the Context of Regional Developments in Meeting LongTerm Climate Change Objectives
  • CO2 Migration in the Overburden
  • Summary of GeoConvention 2017 and its Relevance to CO2 Storage
  • Information Papers and Blogs

Studien und Projekte

  • Innovate UK Feasibility Study "Corrosion Prediction in CO2 Pipelines: Shifting the Paradigm
  • Introduction to New US DOE CarbonSAFE Projects (Information Paper 2017-IP47)
  • KEPCO-Huaneng CERI: International Joint Research for Development of Advanced CO2 Capture Technology
  • Mighty CCS Projects from little Acorns Grow


  • IEA Visit to Petra Nova CCS Project – IEA hosted by NRG Energy
  • Visiting the Osaki CoolGen Project and Some Odd Connections

Kommende Konferenzen und Meetings