CLIMA 2016 - Proceedings of the 12th REHVA World Congress

Die Proceedings der Konferenz: CLIMA 2016, 12th REHVA World Congress 2016 in Aalborg stehen zum Download bereit. Hierbei ist eine “Topical Sessions” zu IEA EBC Annex 64 (session 4) enthalten.

Bibliographische Daten

Per Kvols Heiselberg (Editor)
Herausgeber: IEA EBC Annex 64


  • Paper TS 4.1: Optimising Community Energy Supply with Exergy Principles (2016)
  • Paper TS 4.2: Addressing Different Approaches for Evaluating Low-Exergy Communities (2016)
  • Paper TS 4.3: Heating buildings with direct electrical heating by storing heat in the thermal mass during off-peak hours using predictive control
  • Paper TS 4.4: Renewable Low-Temperature District Heating of a New Housing Area in Kassel, Germany – A Case Study of IEA EBC Annex 64
  • Paper TS 4.6: Methodology for the Assessment of Temperature Reduction Potentials in District Heating Networks by Demand Side Measures and Cascading Solutions