Conference: Impacts of Fuel Quality on Power Production and the Environment

23rd - 27th September 2012
Puchberg, AT

Interchange, dialogue, experiences and results


Solutions to the significant fuel-quality challenges facing power producers utilizing current power technologies such as fluidized bed, sub-critical boilers, incineration as well as emerging technologies such as IGCC, PFBC, super- and ultrasuper-critical boilers, oxy-fuel systems, etc.

These challenges include slagging, fouling, corrosion, sooting, ash disposal, catalyst poisoning, availability and capacity increases, and improved sensors and controls. This conference was focused on endresults and application of fundamental information to minimize fuel quality impacts. The conference focused on traditional fuels fossil derived fuels, peat, biomass derived fuels and new challenging fuels such as agricultural wastes and other waste derived fuels.

Sessions for the conference included the following:

  • Image of boiler depositPhysical Properties of Ash/Deposits
  • Deposit Formation
  • Deposit Removal
  • Deposition Modeling
  • Corrosion: Fundamental Studies
  • Corrosion: Commercial Experience
  • Soot Formation and Control
  • Issues for Alternate Fuel Blends
  • Diagnostics, Sensors, and Controls

Conference Format

The format for this conference followed the Engineering Foundation tradition - morning and evening sessions in which major presentations were made and time during the afternoons for informal discussions to enhance rapport among participants and prompt dialogue on the developments of the meeting.


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