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Stadt der Zukunft

EM Städte - Monitoring and evaluation of urban energy flows

In the first phase of the project, the data source of the energy statistics will be analyzed. Based on the findings of the analysis a methodology on build up regional energy balances will be developed. The methodology will be integrated into the Senflusk tool and tested on five reference cities in Austria.

Stadt der Zukunft

Energy2POG - Hybrid Energy Cluster Pogusch - Renewable energies and cost-efficient operation

The aim of the project was the design, optimisation and demonstration of a hybrid energy supply system as well as optimised material flows for a restaurant and hotel business in an exposed location. The concept allows the integration of material flows into the heat and energy supply system.

Stadt der Zukunft

Future Quarter - Way to an energy-plus quarter in Vienna

Development of transferable concepts for energy-plus quarters as substantial preparatory work for the implementation of an energy showcase quarter in Vienna based on six concrete areas. The support for the broad application of the concept shall be a precursor for the realisation of future energy showcase quarters in Vienna and other cities.

Stadt der Zukunft

Future quarter 2.0 - Replicable, thermally and electrically grid-supportive conception of (positive energy) districts in a dense urban context

Development of a replicable concept for grid-supportive integration of innovative (positive energy) district with high on-site energy supply into the existing network infrastructure (electricity and district heating network).

Haus der Zukunft


Development of transparent, technical and economic models for medium and high volume residential buildings, with special focus on the non-profit sector. Topics such as generation living, teleworking as well as smart homes are developed in an integrated model, for dense structures as well as pavillons and townhouses. All models follow the three pillars of sustainability.

Stadt der Zukunft

OttoWagner-ArealPlus - Feasibility study for a certified plus-energy-district-renovation of the listed Otto-Wagner-Area

Development of an innovative concept for the transformation of the Viennese Otto-Wagner-Area into a plus-energy-quartier while meeting requirements of cultural heritage management. The historic architectural jewel covers an area of ​​around 50 hectares, consists of 70 buildings and a gross floor area of ​​around 200,000 m². The solution meets highest energy efficiency standards and comfort requirements.

Stadt der Zukunft

Sol4City - Integrated solar supply concepts for climate-neutral buildings for the "city of the future"

Intelligent technology coupling to achieve high solar coverage of the buildings (multi-storey residential building) heat and electricity demand. At the end of the project, integrated energy supply concepts for multi-storey residential buildings based on high network interaction and flexibility potential, maximum surface efficiency of conversion technologies on site and high economic competitiveness are available for the broad applicability in the "City of the Future".

Stadt der Zukunft

Zukunftsquartier Österreich - Development of Quality-assured positive energy district concepts

The aim of this project is therefore to make a significant contribution to the (further) development and testing of systematically interlinked and innovative overall solutions for the implementation of quality-assured positive energy districts in Austria and to prepare the first demonstration projects.