Future Quarter - Way to an energy-plus quarter in Vienna

Development of transferable concepts for energy-plus quarters as substantial preparatory work for the implementation of an energy showcase quarter in Vienna based on six concrete areas. The support for the broad application of the concept shall be a precursor for the realisation of future energy showcase quarters in Vienna and other cities.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

With the Smart City Vienna Framework Strategy, the City of Vienna decided to move towards decarbonisation. Developing sustainable, secure and affordable strategies to supply (new) quarters with energy is one of the many challenges that have to be overcome in doing so. To support and set an example, the City Government has undertaken the implementation of an innovative showcase city quarter in its governmental agreement (2015) in the "Energy" chapter.

The objective exploratory project is intended to make a valuable contribution to this and, with the help of a competent consortium in the field of research - planning - implementation, to substantially advance the preparation of such a showcase city quarter with new knowledge and experience.

Contents and goals

High practical relevance is sought by the districts and stakeholders involved: With the support of the City of Vienna and numerous developers, at least six concrete mixed areas of attractive size are being brought into this exploratory project, which are being developed in two to five years and whose energy supply has not yet been decided.

Prior to this project submission, contributions from property owners, project developers and energy providers have been cleared to the extent possible. The project areas primarily consist of quarters that are to be newly developed, but also include existing quarters, with an interesting range in terms of both the local energy potential, the mix of uses as well as in what stakeholders require in the respective quarters.


At the beginning of the project there is an exploration of the question of adequate system boundaries and indicators for energy-plus quarters. In parallel, the consortium will develop and evaluate rough concepts and options for the quarters being considered to determine the one to two most probable quarters.

For those quarters, preliminary drafts of energy concepts are going to be prepared, based on the local energy situation and based on the requirements of stakeholders/users. In this process, technical and economic feasibility, the legal framework and other factors are going to be considered (e.g. urban planning requirements for quality of life and attractiveness).

Expected results

The meaning of the project consists in the preparation of recommendations for further quarters in Vienna and other cities, which are based on the "Lessons Learned" of developing supply concepts for the different quarters.

These include, for example, recommendations for defining system boundaries, for the planning process for quarters, for the process of how to best integrate energy and architectural planning, for combining technologies with an optimal cost-benefit ratio and for including stakeholders and users.

Project Partners

Project management

UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna
  • IBR & I Institute of Building Research & Innovation ZT GmbH

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DI (FH) Petra Schöfmann, MSc
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