EM Städte - Monitoring and evaluation of urban energy flows

In the first phase of the project, the data source of the energy statistics will be analyzed. Based on the findings of the analysis a methodology on build up regional energy balances will be developed. The methodology will be integrated into the Senflusk tool and tested on five reference cities in Austria.

Short Description



Starting point / motivation

Achieving national and international climate goals requires concrete measures to increase energy efficiency, reduce resource consumption and increase the renewable share of energy supply. The regional administration can either directly initiate or indirectly influence necessary measures. Well-founded knowledge about the consumption, supply and distribution structures of the regional energy system serve as the basis for appropriate targeted planning.

Contents and goals

Aim of the project is to improve the data availability for urban energy and climate plans.


In the first step the data bases for the compilation of national energy statistics are critically examined. Based on the energy balances a methodology is developed to build up regional energy balances by using regional available data. The Methodology will be integrated into the planning tool "Senflusk (urban energy flow construction set)". It allows estimating the impact of individual measures on the energy flows. The practical use of the Senflusk will be tested on five cities that differ in size and structure.

Expected results

The project makes a decisive contribution to the consistency of calculation methods and data bases of energy balances on federal, state and city level. The Senflusk developed by this project will improve the planning of sustainable energy and climate strategies of cities.

Project Partners

Project management

Austrian Energy Agency (AEA)

Project or cooperation partners

Ressourcen Management Agentur (RMA)

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Christoph Ploiner, MSc
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