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Stadt der Zukunft

GREeNvaluation - Real-time monitoring and performance evaluation

The declared aim of the project is the development of the GREeNvaluation toolkit, as a precursor to the implementation of green and liveable cities. The visualization and accounting (cost / benefit) of green infrastructure services makes the benefits more tangible and understandable. The GREeNvaluation toolkit aims to create awareness far beyond the target areas by means of target group-specific communication formats.

Stadt der Zukunft

Heat Harvest - Harvest of urban solar excess heat from buildings and surfaces to avoid summer overheating in cities

"Harvest" of solar urban excess heat from building surfaces, sidewalks, streets and squares to avoid urban heat islands by lying flat absorber pipes, which are then fed into geothermal probe storage tanks for later use as a source for heating buildings.

Stadt der Zukunft

LooPi - the autonomous unisex plant-based urinal for public spaces

Application of the prototype in the operational environment for a period of 20 months. Technical monitoring thoughout the cycle of seasons, user interviews concerning satisfaction, evaluation of the potential use of LooPi material streams as soil conditioner for organic farming. Results serve the development towards market maturity.

Stadt der Zukunft

MUFUWU Stadtbaum - Development, evaluation of multifunctional urban tree habitat in existing streets. Root zone, retention, microclimate

Applied research and development of a construction concept for road construction that enables the establishment of large-crowned urban trees and is tailored to specific local requirements, such as metrological, geological, and climatic conditions. The results are taken as a basis for a standard construction concept for densely built urban areas.