GreenDeal4Real - Improving the thermal comfort in mixed-use areas through cost-effective green infrastructure

The aim of the project is to avoid overheating in summer by using innovative greening measures in the mixed residential and commercial area Aspernstraße/Lavaterstraße. The development of a guideline should facilitate the realisation of climate-sensitive projects from strategy to actual implementation and ensure a high degree of transferability to other areas.

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Starting point / motivation

Greening measures are an effective and sustainable way to cool urban areas naturally and thus achieve significant energy savings in buildings and reduce CO2 emissions. With the growing general awareness of the positive effects of greening measures (soil protection, careful use of resources, rainwater management), especially with regard to climate change, an increasing interest in these topics can be observed, especially in heavily affected cities and among real estate developers.

There is an urgent need for empirical studies on how the positive effects can be measured, quantified, optimised and integrated into planning and construction processes. GreenDeal4Real addresses this need by monitoring, documenting and evaluating various greening measures on a scientific basis.

Contents and goals

In GreenDeal4Real, the focus is particularly on improving thermal comfort in the project area: Currently, 6B47 is developing a mixed-use development with commercial and office space as well as about 800 residential units in the 22nd district of Vienna in its final state.

The first two building plots with about 280 apartments and about 10,000 m² of commercial space will be used in the project in the sense of a "real laboratory" as an experimental space to simulate, implement and monitor the effects of various green structures in a real environment.

The special feature of the location is its superordinate use as a "mixed commercial area", which was defined in the technical concept of the Productive City (of the City of Vienna).


The project develops solutions that offer practical and at the same time scientifically sound assistance to the City of Vienna and real estate developers. For each stage - from planning to actual construction - it will be assessed how to take microclimatic effects into account and how to optimally compensate for the negative effects of additional sealing through greening measures.

The research project is not only dedicated to technological innovations with innovative façade greening approaches, but also to innovation questions that address the process, the organisation and the framework conditions (e.g. urban development contract).

Thus a systemic, integrative approach is pursued, which is also reflected in the composition of the consortium (developer, landscape planner, landscape architects, innovation laboratory, research institution, greening company).

For assessing the effects quantitively, the implemented (greening) measures are evaluated in a two-year monitoring (energy and comfort monitoring, monitoring of the microclimate, cost monitoring, socio-scientific monitoring).

Expected results

GreenDeal4Real is intended to create a best-practice demo example of mixed use areas sensitive to climate change. The project results will be summarised in guidelines that ensure a high transferability to other areas and support practitioners such as real estate developers, planners or city administration in realising and facilitating climate-sensitive construction projects from strategy to actual implementation.

Project Partners

Project management

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG
  • grünplan gmbh
  • Lindle+Bukor
  • MA 18 - Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung
  • 90deGreen GmbH

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