GREeNvaluation - Real-time monitoring and performance evaluation

The declared aim of the project is the development of the GREeNvaluation toolkit, as a precursor to the implementation of green and liveable cities. The visualization and accounting (cost / benefit) of green infrastructure services makes the benefits more tangible and understandable. The GREeNvaluation toolkit aims to create awareness far beyond the target areas by means of target group-specific communication formats.

Short Description



Starting point / motivation

Green Infrastructure plays an important role for cities when it comes to climate change adoption. Numerous scientific publications (eg. Pfoser, 2016) as well as international, national and local guidelines and strategies underline the importance to integrate Green Infrastructure in urban space (EU Green Infrastructure Strategy, 2013; Special Report IPCC, 2018; Weißbuch „Stadtgrün", 2007; Urban Heat Island Strategy Vienna, 2015).

Nevertheless, the implementation of guidelines and strategies lags behind - not only within public space but also in urban development and in the private sector. One of the main reasons for that are uncertainties regarding the real, measurable impact and use of Green Infrastructure and the monetary assessability.

Value determinations of trees (eg. Koch) or more generic calculation methods for CO2-storage of tree species already exist. But these figures depict only a really small impact when it comes to ROI.

Content and goals

With this project the specific competences of the partners are combined to form an innovative, completely new and disruptive approach: The international leading partner for weather analysis will be combined with the GREENPASS® technology and results will be displayed trough an intuitive GIS based web application in real time, that shows performance indicators (like energy-, water- and area efficiency) for ecosystem services.


Participation methods will be used to include stakeholder's needs. The machine learning engine of the GREeNvaluation toolkit will be able to combine current weather data with evaluation processes and will calculate performance indicators and monetary indicators in real-time (like microclimate, energy budgets, water balance, etc.).

Expected results

Results will be displayed on a GIS based system. Performance indicators will be available on a daily, weekly, yearly basis as well as spatially delineated (block, quarter, district) and for individual Green Infrastructure measures. Therefore, the GREeNvaluation toolkit not only can be used for monitoring, but also to carry out performance forecasts within the planning-phase.

Main target group of the project is the public sector, as it helps to calculate the return on investment. Big, international companies can also use it to justify measures for Green Infrastructure and to calculate power balances. More application potentials will be discussed within the business plan work package.

Project Partners

Project management

Florian KRAUS - Green4Cities GmbH

Project partner

  • Mag. Susanne Lins, MAS, MSc, tatwort Nachhaltige Projekte GmbH
  • Dr. Ulrike Pitha, Universität für Bodenkultur - Institut für Ingenieurbiologie und Landschaftsbau
  • Dr. Kasra Seirafi, Fluxguide GmbH
  • Dr. Daniela Meier, UBIMET GmbH

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Green4Cities GmbH
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A-1180 Wien
Tel.: +43 (676) 67 00 215