IEA Wind Energy Systems (Wind TCP)

The mission of the Wind TCP is to stimulate co-operation on wind energy research and development and to provide high quality information and analysis to member governments and commercial sector leaders: addressing technology development and deployment and its benefits, markets and policy instruments.

Short Description

IEA Wind TCP was founded in 1977 and offers its members the possibility to exchange information regarding the planning and implementation of national wind energy projects as well as to perform collaborative research and development projects – so called Tasks.

There are currently 26 contracting parties from 21 member countries, the Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA), the European Commission, and WindEurope (formerly the European Wind Energy Association) participating in the IEA Wind TCP. These member countries and organizations form a global network of researchers and policy experts focused on sharing the latest technology research and best practices to overcome specific barriers for wind energy deployment.

Currently the following tasks are being pursued in the international context:

  • Task 11 Base Technology Information Exchange
  • Task 19 Wind Energy in Cold Climates
  • Task 25 Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power
  • Task 26 Cost of Wind Energy
  • Task 27 Development and Deployment of Small Wind Turbine
  • Task 28 Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects
  • Task 29 Mexnext: Analysis of Wind Tunnel Data
  • Task 30 Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration Continuation (OC4)
  • Task 31 Wakebench: Benchmarking Wind Farm Flow Models
  • Task 32 LIDAR: Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment
  • Task 33 Standardization of Data Collection for Wind Turbine Reliability
  • Task 34 Assessing Environmental Effects
  • Task 35 Ground Based Testing for Wind Turbines and their Components
  • Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Energy
  • Task 37 Wind Energy Systems Engineering: Integrated R, D&D
  • Task 39 Quiet Wind turbine Technology
  • Task 37 Downwind Turbine Technologies

The IEA Wind TCP reports the activities of their national programs and collaborative R&D projects in an Annual Report, which is provided to members for distribution in their countries. The Annual Report can be downloaded from the IEA Wind TCP website at no cost.

Ongoing Tasks

Completed Tasks


Publications are available on the German part of the website.


Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, USA, UK, Chinese Wind Energy Association, (CWEA), European Commission, EC / European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)

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DI Theodor Zillner
Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
Department for Energy- and Environmental Technologies
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DI Andreas Krenn
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