IEA Wind Task 27: Small Wind Turbines in High Turbulence Sites (working period 2018 - 2019)

By participating in the IEA Wind Task 27, a number of goals could be achieved, including the development of a site assessment scheme for wind turbines in areas with high turbulence intensities, the further development of the IEC 61400 standard, the participation in the “Compendium of IEA Wind TCP Task 27 case studies “And the update of the “Small Wind Power Report 2018” as well as activities such as holding the event “Small Wind Power Conference” in Austria.

Short Description

Small wind energy is rapidly becoming a valid option for distributed energy production. The new building directive released by the EU as well as the general discussion about local energy supply opens up new perspectives for small wind turbines in urban areas. However, some challenges need to be addressed in order to reach similar market penetration as for photovoltaics. For this reason, the experts of the IEA Wind Task 27 joined their efforts in 2008 to address those common problems of the small wind industry. In a first step, the IEA Task 27 developed a simplified certification scheme for small wind turbines (SWT) which secures quality, safety and reliability of SWT. Since 2013, the expert group focused on the deployment of SWT in highly turbulent sites such as cities and the challenges this brings along.

During it's participation in the activities of IEA Task 27, the Technikum Wien GmbH brought in the following focal points:

  • Quality control of SWT, grid connection, business models and information.
  • Urban wind energy – Development of a rating method for SWT in built environment
  • SmallWindPower@Home - Evaluation of the impact of building mounted SWT on turbine performance, building, people and environment

During the collaboration with IEA Task 27, the following goals were achieved:

  • cooperation in the IEA Task 27 activities such as the development of a site evaluation scheme for SWT in complex sites with high turbulence intensity or the recommendations for IEC Standard development
  • introduction of Austrian interests as well as dissemination of national R&D projects
  • linking-up Austrian small wind energy Stakeholders with the international R&D activity through active collaboration in IEA Task 27
  • continuation of the national work group "Small Wind" which was introduced in order to secure a permanent exchange of information on a national scale and ongoing innovation impulses
  • continuation of the Austrian small wind conference including international participation
  • update of the Austrian small wind report 2018 embedding the results of the Wind World Report by the World Wind Energy Association
  • ongoing dissemination of the results from IEA Task 27 and national R&D activities through educational projects such as smart(D)ER, SmallWindAcedemy


Publications are available on the website of IEA Wind Task 27.


Australia, China, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, USA

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Technikum Wien GmbH
Department of Renewable Energy
Kurt Leonhartsberger, MSc.
Mauro Peppoloni, MSc.
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