IEA Wind Task 27: Small Wind Turbines in High Turbulence Sites (working period 2016 - 2018)

Since 2013 Task 27 has been focussing on small wind turbines (SWT) in high turbulence sites. By actively participating in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme Wind Energy Task 27, Austria’s stakeholders will become participants in the global small wind network. The establishment of a national working group as well as the organisation of an annual small wind conference in Austria will foster a durable collaboration and provide new impetus to the Austrian Small Wind Community.

Short Description

According to the EU building guideline and its demand to assure fail safe, sustainable and resilient urban energy supply which does not rely entirely on the environ area, there is an urgent need to make use of the energy resources in cities as efficiently as possible. Alongside photovoltaics, small scale wind turbines (SWT) represent one of the few possibilities to yield energy in an environment friendly way in urban areas and thus to get closer to „nearly zero energy" buildings. Besides the wish for private energy autonomy this has been one of the major factors why more and more SWTs have been built on top of or next to single- and multi-family houses. However, to enable a similar market penetration as PV, there are still a number of challenges which require an appropriate response.

Therefore, the experts of the international working group IEA TCP Wind Energy Task 27 are working on specific topics in the field of small wind turbines since 2008. Aside from the development of consumer labelling for small wind turbines to ensure sure safety, reliability and productivity of small wind turbines, Task 27 is focussing on small wind turbines in high turbulence sites since 2013.

Since 2013 Austria has been actively contributing to the activities of the IEA TCP Wind Energy Task 27, represented by the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. This enables Austria's stakeholders to become participants in the global small wind network and provides new impetus to the Austrian Small Wind Community. Besides the contribution to the common task activities, the following national major activities can be reported:

  • Organisation of the annual Austrian Small Wind Conference with international participation to link the Austrian small wind power experts and manufacturer to the international community
  • Establishment of the national working group „Small wind power Austria" with more than 25 participating companies and scientific institutions to guarantee a durable experts exchange
  • Preparation and publication of a annual National Survey Reports for small wind power in Austria for 2015
  • Development and harmonisation of the national requirements for planning and certification of small wind turbines (with focus an SWT in high turbulence sites) by actively participating in IEA Wind Task 27
  • Dissemination of international R&D activities and initiation of national R&D projects


Australia, China, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, USA

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Technikum Wien GmbH
Department of Renewable Energy
Kurt Leonhartsberger, MSc.
Mauro Peppoloni, MSc.
Giefinggasse 6
1210 Vienna