IEA Wind Task 41: Enabling Wind to Contribute to a Distributed Energy Future

IEA Wind Task 41 is engaged in enabling wind technology as an economically competitive and reliable distributed energy resource option. In order to reach this goal, extensive research collaboration is pursued and findings and results are recommended to the IEC standard review committee.

Short Description

Task 41 aims at coordinating international research and development activities and is engaged in the technological development and cost reduction of distributed wind turbines in order to ease their integration in future energy systems and markets. The technological range thereby covers the entire scale from small wind turbines (from 10 kW) to single Multi-Megawatt turbines.

Aims and contends

  • recommendations for the revision of standards
  • development of a data exchange platform
  • collection of high quality measurement data
  • development of accurate production estimation tools
  • recommendations regarding the introduction standards grid connection of distributed wind turbines
  • development of a tool for planning non grid connected systems
  • development of models for regulation of distributed wind turbines
  • collaboration with other IEA Tasks

Work packages

  • WP0 Management und coordination
  • WP1 Design Standards for small and mid-sized wind turbines
  • WP2 Data Sharing Portal for DW Research
  • WP3 Accurate performance assessment
  • WP4 Integration of DW into expanding distributed generation marketplace
  • WP5 Outreach and collaboration
  • WP6 Innovation to reduce technology LCOE

Thanks to its expansive technical knowledge and innovations achieved through national research projects as well as practical experiences from test and measurement campaigns at the Lichtenegg research park, Austria is able to give an active contribution to work packages WP1 and WP2. Among others, the contribution consist of concrete proposals for the revision of international standards and providing measurement data for the Data Sharing Portal. Its network within the European community allows Austria to pursue and initiate international collaboration with stakeholders and other IEA Tasks as part of WP5, e.g. a conference for distributed wind energy in Vienna.

Project Images

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Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Poland, Republic of Korea, Spain, USA, Italy

Contact Address

Kurt Leonhartsberger, MSc
Fachhochschule Technikum Wien
Leiter F&E Schwerpunkt und Kompetenzfeld Renewable Energy Systems
Tel.: +43 664 619 25 86

Mauro Peppoloni
Fachhochschule Technikum Wien
F&E Schwerpunkt Renewable Energy Systems
Tel.: +43 (0)1 333 40 77-559