IEA FBC Implementing Agreement Fluidized Bed Conversion (working period 2020 - 2023)

The aim of the project is to continue and further develop the internationally very well accepted participation of Austria in the information network of the IEA Fluidized Bed Conversion (FBC) Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) to optimize fluidized bed conversion of fuels applied to clean energy production (heat and power). All stakeholders will be included on a national as well as on a global level.

Short Description

The aim of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) Fluidized Bed Conversion (FBC) is the further development of the fluidized bed technology for a secure and clean energy production (power and heat).
Austria has already been participating successfully for many years and was two times operating agent for the TCP. Austria has many activities using fluidized bed technology successfully in the area of operation, manufacturing as well as research. The IEA TCP is an excellent platform to stimulate co-operation and information exchange between all stakeholders on a national, international and global level.

The IEA TCP FBC is not further divided into tasks but is one major task with different main topics, which are as follows: The further development of the fluidized bed technology for the reduction of pollutants, the utilization of renewable and fossil fuels, the further scale-up of very large fluidized bed boilers, the development and optimization of fluidized bed units in the range of 100 MWth, the fuel flexibility, agglomeration and fouling, ash utilization, availability and boiler life time.

In addition, the usage of the fluidized bed technology for oxyfuel combustion, chemical looping combustion, gasification as well as CO2 sequestration (zero emission) and as active heat storage unit is analysed.

The activities of this period include

  • update and further development of the IEA-FBC database
  • national and international information distribution and networking activities
  • edition of annual reports of the FBC TCP with national and IEA-FBC activities
  • participation in the Technical Sessions and Executive Committee Meetings FBC
  • organisation of workshops and tours to fluidized bed units which can be further developed and optimized in an excellent way with this

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Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA

Contact Address

Ao.Univ.Prof.Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franz Winter
Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Verfahrenstechnik, Umwelttechnik u. Techn. Biowissenschaften
Getreidemarkt 9/166
1060 Wien