IEA FBC Implementing Agreement Fluidized Bed Conversion (working period 2017 - 2020)

The technology programme includes the collaboration, the exchange of relevant information and networking in the area of fluidized bed conversion of fuels applied for clean energy production.

Short Description

The IEA Technology Cooperation Program (TCP) Fluidized Bed Technology (FBC) is an international platform where countries can share research results and information. The aim is to further develop fluidized bed technology regarding safe and clean energy production (electricity and energy).

Austria has been a member of the IEA TCP since 1999, during which time it has held the chair twice and hosted the IEA FBC meeting five times. Currently 19 countries are members of the IEA-FBC, from (Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA).

The IEA Technology Cooperation Program is a "Task Shared Agreement" where each participant shares their knowledge and know-how. Technical Sessions are held twice a year where members present their fluidized bed projects and research. Executive Committee Meetings, where organizational and strategic actions as well as research priorities for the further development of the TCP are defined, are also held twice a year. During the work period, 6 Technical Sessions and 6 EXCO meetings were attended.

The minimization of pollutants, use of renewable and fossil fuels, scale-up of fluidized bed plants in the power range of 100MWth, fuel flexibility, agglomeration and fouling, ash utilization, availability and lifetime, are all among the main research topics of the TCP. Furthermore, the application of the fluidized bed with respect to oxyfuel combustion and chemical looping combustion, gas generation, as well as CO2 capture (zero emission) and as active heat storage is being researched.

The IEA FBC Technology Cooperation Program plays a major role in ensuring that Austrian fluidized bed technology is represented and recognized internationally and beyond Europe. It provides excellent networking between all stakeholders of fluidized bed technology and is of great benefit for safe and clean energy production (electricity and heat).

During this project, 3 fluidized bed meetings were organized for stakeholders in Austria. In total more than 100 participants attended these seminars, where presentations from research and industry were given. Each of these seminars was combined with a visit to a fluid bed plant. Plants were also visited separately from the seminars, a total of 10 plants were visited.


Publications are available on the website of IEA FBC Implementing Agreement.


Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Spain, UK, USA

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